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Discussion in 'Effects, Pedals, Strings & Things' started by gibfenmarsh, Dec 27, 2005.

  1. gibfenmarsh

    gibfenmarsh Guest

    I play a rack system with a Mesa 20/20 amp and a Triaxis
    preamp along with an old Roland GP 100 processor, unfortunately the
    GP 100 has been acting erratic lately so I'm looking for a new rack
    processor, any suggestions?
  2. oxtone

    oxtone Member

    Sep 14, 2005
    Edina, MN
    Seems like alot of players use TC Electronics rack processers, like the G Major.

    That said, I quit using digital rack processors years ago - to my ears they sound harsh and cold. I've gone to all pedals, and they sound much more "organic" and warm.
  3. LouRossi

    LouRossi Member

    Dec 27, 2005
    Find a used Lexicon PCM-80. Great prices for these & the delay & reverb are lovely.
  4. gtr777

    gtr777 Member

    May 30, 2005
    Long Island NY
    I've been using the the TC electronics G-Major with good results. It's not quite the sound as using pedals but it does sound warmer then most rack pieces. Most studio quality rack gear sounds sterile in a guiatr rack IMHO.
  5. Supertgtr

    Supertgtr Member

    Nov 6, 2003
    land o' cheese
    I love both of my G-majors. They've come down in price. You should be able to pick one up for under $400.
  6. jaymeister

    jaymeister Member

    Nov 3, 2004
    Western Canada
    Rocktron Xpression, Replifex, Multivalve, or Intellifex.
  7. Matt Gordon

    Matt Gordon Senior Member

    Sep 30, 2004
    Georgia, USA.
    I've used Roland SDE's and SDD's, Ibanez 19" rack stuff, TC lower end, Boss, and Lexicon. I think I can get all I need with the Lexicon MPX550. I use the Boss VF-1 and MPX550 is parallel and they seem to work better together, than they work as indivduals. Tough choice for a single unit. I think like the other guys, I'd go with a used PCM.
  8. Hamer95USA

    Hamer95USA Member

    May 27, 2005
    +1 For the Rocktron Replifex, Intellifex, Multivalve and Expression. One of the easiest and most user friendly multieffect devices built. I own 2 Replifex units and 1 Intellifex. Great sounds and can be found for a good price used.

    Guitar George
  9. ChazMania

    ChazMania Silver Supporting Member

    Aug 19, 2005
    Oceanside, CA
    I had a TC GForce for about 4 years. Amazing tones from that unit, it's the higher end version, the GMajor is their midline product. GForce was a little hard to tweak for my simple mind, sold it and went to pedals.
  10. Laser

    Laser Member

    May 18, 2003
    On The Road To Escondido
    Hey ChazMan,
    You need to get an Eventide--that'll get yur neuron's firin' :D :jo :jo

  11. flicker180

    flicker180 Supporting Member

    Mar 26, 2005
    Westford, MA
    if you check out the Gmajor boards, you'll get a look at some software that allows outboard (i.e. computer) modification of patches etc. It makes the Gmajor a LOT more powerful than you realize.

  12. devbro

    devbro Member

    Apr 17, 2004
    El Dorado County
    Had a G-major along with many other rack effect processors in my rack days. I would avoid the G-Major for reasons already stated. It's very cold and processed sounding in addition to poor quality. The knobs fell off several times.

    In the end, I preferred the Rocktron Replifex. The effects are more analog sounding and the signal block routing allows parallel routing so not all your signal is subjected to DA converters. The Intellifex is pretty good too and has an 8 voice chorus that's very lush. The Replifex is getting pretty hard to find though because people have realized it's potential.

    I've got a black face Intellifex for sale if your interested (sorry for the shameless plug) PM me if your interested.
  13. bailnout

    bailnout Member

    Dec 1, 2005
    Atlanta, GA
    What did you mainly do with the GP100?
  14. brian marshall

    brian marshall Member

    Nov 12, 2004
    outskirts of portlandia
    Almost all rack gear i have ever owned has one of two negative qualities...

    in short they were either "cold and sterile" or not transparent.

    The cold and sterile is simply the product of the processes they use to create the effects... the non transparent properties are usually because of either poor design, or impedance issues. To this day, the only guitar rack processor i still own is a boss GX700... In some cases it is cold and sterile, but it is fairly transparent.

    I have owned a number of rocktron pieces, and while i thought the effects sounded better, i had a large number of isses as far as sounding clear... Digitech stuff is even worse in this regard, although i have never owned any... perhaps there is a work arround.

    My old guitarist bought a G-major when they first came out... after using it at rehearsal for a couple months he sold it and went back to using boss and DOD pedals... if that tells you anything. I didnt spend a lot of time with it, and he wasnt extreemely technical, so perhaps it was user error, but to me, everything that came out of it sounded like it would have been very useful in the late 80s with a pink spikey guitar.
  15. cmacalpine

    cmacalpine Member

    Jan 3, 2005
    I would agree with the eventide suggestion, but not knowing your budgetary constraints, then maybe the TC stuff makes more sense. I use a blackface Intellifex now. It sounds OK, nothing great, I run it through a parallel loop - which took some time and research figuring how to get that to work. The problem that I have with it is that it seems designed for guitarists who have always used pedals and now want the convenience or control of rack effects, so the level of control in the MIDI implementation as in what Controller Commands you can use to get transitions, etc. are just low level like pedals. Sorry, I don't mean to slam anyone's preferred tools, just that I have been spoiled by my GSP 2101's and their block architecture based method of putting effects together which lets me set up routing, mixers, etc., etc. any which way that I prefer. I can control as much as I want or as little as I want. That is what a rack processor should give you as far as I am concerned. Intellifex does not really do that, It is quick to setup easy to use, but somehow generic in its output. Don't buy the pedals are superior and racks are so 80's hype either. The end result is what matters and what works for you is the only thing that is important.


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