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Something I've been looking for for a long time is a great rack guitar preamp with stereo inputs and outputs. I get that there is little demand for stereo inputs on guitar amps but I have a somewhat pressing need for it because I am using a hexaphonic guitar with string panning, which means my chain is already stereo before the preamp stage.
After much searching I had previously concluded that such preamps just don't exist, and I'm stuck either going into a stereo mic preamp's DI inputs, or buying two rack preamps, neither of which would be ideal.

Today I noticed that the Axe FX II XL actually does have true stereo ins and outs. I had previously not considered Fractal stuff because I've been trying to keep real tubes in my preamp stage and avoid resorting to modelers, but this feature now has me intrigued. I know the Fractal modeling tech is highly acclaimed but I've been clinging to my Mesa/Boogie tube stuff due to having dismissed digital amps completely after consistently being disappointed with modeling amps I tried over the years. (I gave up on them long before Fractal came on the scene though, so maybe I just gave up too soon?)

So I'm wondering, are there any tube guitar amps out there at all that are true stereo? Replacing my Triaxis and Two Notes Torpedo Studio with the Fractal is starting to become an attractive proposition to me, but I want to make sure there aren't any true tube options out there to consider that I have overlooked before I jump on an Axe FX.

Anyone know of any?


Frenzel FM-800z and have both channels voiced the same if you want (from the factory comes voiced on a JCM800 and Bassman). Both channels can run at the same time and are independent of each other with their own inputs and outputs (if ordered with the stereo output upgrade option).
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