Rack Poweramp suggestions...


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Hi all,

Looking for a rack power amp. Preferrably with 6L6's. Something that can give me a good clean Blackfaced Fender sound.

Prefer tube, but open to solid state. BUT......I get the sense that with most "American" voiced amps, the preamp stays clean, and its the power tube distortion that gets you where you want to go....hence, the preference for tubes. Although, if I am wrong, let me know ;)

I am only aware of the Carvin TS100, Mesa 2:50/2:90, and Fryette amps. I am leaning towards a 2:50 as a 100w tube power amp might be too heavy. Plus, I like that Mesa is close by for servicing....

What are some other tube options?

For solid state I am aware of the Matrix amps (used to have one) and the Quilter Tone Block (have one, LOVE it as a portable solution).

What else is out there that might be a good fit? I will be running it with an Ethos Clean as the pre....but I may add a Twin Reverb preamp down the line....

So, what else is out there?


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But you can also get well built power amps from discontinued lines that will serve you well. The Peavey 60 (mono) and 50/50 sound great and are not expensive on the used market. The Groove Tubes Dual 75 can run from 40-150w output (or run one side at 20-75w). Mesa is a bit stiff, but the 2:90 does have switches to change character and can be found used for workable prices.

Jay Axis

I have a Matrix GT1000FX that I use for slaving into a stereo set up with my SLO or BE-100 as a head, and also sometimes as the power amp for my wet cabs in my W/D/W rig and I have been very happy with it. I have been curious about the Fryette power amps though. I've never had a chance to try one.


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School me on the Fryette Power Station....

For my application, I would use it as a 50W 6L6 power amp. One of the reasons I am hesitant about the bigger power amps (2:50 and Fryette 2:50) is that they are HEAVY, and that weight might be wasted on me as I am running in MONO not STEREO.

Seems like the built in attenuated/booster would be a great added bonus, but not the primary reason I would get this. It seems like an affordable, good sounding, mono tube power amp with extra features. Is there any reason this would not work for me as a power amp ONLY? I would use it with either my Ethos Clean or a rack preamp.....



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The Fryette PowerStation is a great mono 6L6 power amp in addition to being a great attenuator...reamper...silent out...effects loop...solution.

And for stereo another fantastic solution, albeit quite heavy, is the Randall RT 2/50.

I have both of these and the Power Station is every bit as good as one side of the Randall and weighs a lot less. It does lots of things but it isn't a compromise at any of them. It makes perfect sense as a power amp even if you never use it for the other things it does well.

I would trade my Randall RT 2/50 for another Power Station.

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