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OK, so I have one of the older SKB pro racks. A 6U. I don't like its size. Its hard to fit into car trunks, its bulky to carry around, etc. Someone is interested in buying it from me, so I'm thinking about selling it and getting a 4-space rack.

In my rack will be my AxeFx, my Carvin power conditioner, and a 1U faceplate to bring all of my AxeFx I/Os to the front of the rack.

So I want wheels to, so I need a 4U rolling rack. The question is do I get a 4U rolling rack bag, or a 4U rolling hard case, and which one?

I will be handling my own equipment, so no one will be throwing it around or tossing 4x12 cabs on top of it or anything. Gigging will likely be about once a week or two in local clubs.

I'm obviously concerned about protection, but also cooling and durability.

At gigs it will be on one of these:

so it will be angled up at me (the concern here is if I open up the back flap on a rack bag, will it cause issues with the stand as it has to be folded under or over to expose the back end of the rack, if that makes sense).

So here are the ones that I have been looking at:

SKB (cheap?) rolling Rack Case
SKB - 1SKB-R4W - 4U Roto Rolling Rack in Black
SKB - RLX3/4/5/6 - Roll-X Rack Cases
Gator Cases - GRBW-BLK - Audio Rack Bag with Wheels
Gator Cases (Pro Series) - G-PROR-U-19-BLK - Pro Series New Molded Audio Rack with Wheels
Gator Cases (Standard) - GRR-4L
Gator Cases (Standard) - GRR-4PL-US

I'd like to hear opinions on pros and cons of each (skb vs SKB, or Gator vs SKB, or bag vs hard shell, etc.) on durability, cooling possibilities, etc. Does one have better wheels? More durable? Easier to replace? etc.

I'd also be willing to do something like the audiopile.com cases, but I'd like so way to add and remove casters or something. I really don't want to use one of those dollies because they are unstable due to a short wheel-base (unless you know of one with a wide wheel base that is compact and or foldable)

thanks in advance!
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