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Rangemaster Clone/Copy

I was wondering what you fine people would consider was a good copy (stomp) of the classic Rangemaster box used from back in the day?

Phil M

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Since I've never played an original (and I'm guessing most people here haven't), this is tough to answer.

I have had a bunch of great Rangemaster type pedals though. All were good and each had strengths but for straight up rudeness, sounds-great-every-time-you-plug-in, I like the Toneman Butler Rangemaster. It sounds right. The ones I've had:

Legendary Tones Time Machine
Keeley Java Boost
Analogman Beano
Lovepedal Brown Dragon (had a Rangemaster setting)


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With a total of like 5 components, I imagine they are all very similar with the big differences coming from the different germanium transistors.

I personally love my Analogman Beano!


http://www.phoenixcustomelectronics.com/pix.html (Ranger and Tonemaster)

I have the Phoenix Custom Electronics Tone Master which is a Rangemaster clone but with a Silicon transistor (ala Brian May) and a "cut" control. I really, really like it. It sounds fantastic! Has a bit more "bite" to it then the germ but that 's what I was looking for. Also, it's negative ground so you can daisy chain it with all your other negative ground pedals and it's very quiet (Rangemasters typically aren't).

If you're looking for 100% authentic tone, I'd suggest something that's a straight up clone with proper Germ trannies OC44 or CV7003, carbon comp resistors ... etc. (like the Hartman GTB). The Retroman is updated a bit with metal film resistors, 4 position capacitor switch and a treble cut for quiter operation and more control, I believe the Analogman is tweaked as well with some power supply filtering and carbon film resistors. Phoenix Custome ELectronics Ranger is another fine Rangemaster type pedal with CV7003.


Tweed Supporting Member
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I also haven't played an original, but the DAM Red Rooster was my favorite by far between it and the Analogman. The range knob allows for lots of tonal options. It may not be the closest clone, or it may for that matter, but it sounded the best to my ears.


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I have the Phoenix Custom Electronics Tone Master which is a Rangemaster clone but with a Silicon transistor (ala Brian May) and a "cut" control. I really, really like it. It sounds fantastic! Has a bit more "bite" to it then the germ but that 's what I was looking for.
G.A.S.hole!!! :mad:



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Not too sure how it stacks up against the original, but I thoroughly enjoy the sound of my HBE Germania through the AC30.


My Phoenix Ranger is pretty amazing. I have also had the Java Boost, and it's nice too. If I had to pick between the two though, I would take the ranger, especially at about 1/2 the price.


I always hear great things about this one


I have one built into my VOX Brian May special that is pretty darn cool .

Another +1 on this one.
A keeper on my pedalboard. Can be found rather cheap on the used market. The FULL/TREBLE switch is useless, the FULL position sounds mushy and overbassy. But for the main usage, in TREBLE position, that is heavenly! I feed my OCD with this pedal, love it.


Hi I have a Hartman Germ. Treble booster its a great pedal very good sound. Try it you won't be disapointed.
Peace Strat58


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here's a thread that has some more info on what you're looking for:


if you do a search on "treble boosters" or "rangemasters" you should get even more threads.

i've owned/tried the following:
HBE Germania
HBE Germacide
Analogman Beano Boost
Keeley Java Boost
Pedalworx Scot60

So far, I've kept the Beano Boost and the Scot60. However, I don't think the Scot60 is an exact rangemaster clone but it is a type of treble booster. All of the above sound great, but a lot comes down to the guitar/amp you're playing through and personal tone preferences... Good luck...


I've been using my D*A*M Red Rooster, for four yr's now and simply cant imagine getting by without it.

We all know how good these thing are in front of a Vox AC30/15
but I'm getting some outstanding tones from a Marshall 50Watt lead& Bass head model 1964.
Its basicly a bass amp with a 500Pf tone cap, and is shared cathode like marshalls from '67for eg.

Putting the Red Rooster in front brings that upper midrange raunch you get from the later Superlead's with the split cathode on V1, without the ear splitting treble.

One unexpected benefit of the D*A*M unit is running it into a Hermida Zendrive, its made an already versatile pedal all the more usefull

Okay, I'm a fan..Did you guess LOL
I'm not saying its the best as Ive only tried a few and owned only this, so bare that in mind


The rangemaster setting on the lovepedal Red/White/Black/Brown Dragon (or BBB 07) is far and away my favorite. It's nice and quiet too, something no other TB seems to be.

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