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    From the GIBSON GARAGE;

    GA-86 Ensamble (tweed)

    25W 1x12" Guitar Head with Cabinet
    Speaker: 12"
    Inputs: 2+2
    Channels: 2
    Volume Controls: 2
    Tone Controls on Each Channel: Bass, treble
    Tremolo: No
    Tubes: 7 (2x12AX7, 2x5881, 6V6, GZ34)
    Extension Speaker Jack: Yes
    Monitor Jack: Yes
    Watts Output: 25
    Shipping Totals: 1959: 13, 1960: 22, 1961: 7

    With removable control panel. (www.drtube.com, March 28, 2003)

    Push-pull 6BQ5s; no close Fender model; single channel version of GA-79RVT, but with a 6V6 driving the middle leg of the output transformer [or not? see the German text below]! Tres bizarre. (Miles O'Neal's web-site; May 30, 2003)

    Die 6V6 treibt beim GA86 nicht die Mittelanzapfung, wie im kleinen Kommentar steht. Sie holt sich von dem die Versorgungsspannung und ist als Längsregler zur Stabilisierung eingesetzt. Damit haben die Schirmgitter und letztlich auch die Vorstufen eine stabile und damit sehr brummfreie Spannungsversorgung. (Martin)

    Pretty unique [amp], losts of clean headroom, good tone, great for blues with an overdrive. You can jumper the second channel to the first for an increase in gain and more clipping.
    This 59 [see pics] is in great shape with the original jensen p12p looks new, the inside the chassis is clean as a whistle, only thing not original are the Canadian Made tubes.
    Tube line up is , 12ax7 x 2, 6L6gc x 2 (big bottle), the weird 5V6(6V6) in most schematics, looking at the drawing you can see the tube is attached to the 5 volt tap and the GZ 34 rectifer. (Bill)

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