Rat Vs. Brown Rabbit


I had both, sold the Rabbit on Ebay a while back. And my Rat is a Keeley.

Why? The Rat is built better, my foot wouldn't hit the knobs when playing live (the button on the Rabbit is too far up the pedal if you ask me) and the Rat's dynamics are tighter. Sure, I loved the idea of stepping on a cute little painted bunny, but I found the thin varnish coat chipped within hours of just testing it, and kept on chipping.

I vote for the Rat. Plus, I found it more versatile. There's a reason it's been a classic pedal for decades now.


I think the Brown Rabbit is a far more versatile pedal than any of the current Rat versions. Never tried a vintage Rat though. The Rabbit has three different modes to select from. I can dial in everything from semi transparent OD, to TS type OD, to thick creamy distortion, to fuzz. It's all there and sounds very good.

It is true that the paint chips easily so if you want it to look pretty, you shouldn't gig with it. The paint chipping does not change the tone though.


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been wanting to try those brown rabbits....
have some issues with my keeley rat....
i just sent my keeley rat to keeley electronics today for some adjustments.... too much bass response and knob taper issues....
hope it sounds better when they send it back....


Brown Rabbit vs. Mohomods Rat

I liked the Brown Rabbit alot. Great tone. The Boost mode (setting 2) is killer with my Tele->AC30 rig, and it really likes being boosted with the Varioboost and Timmy.

I've switched over to the Mohomods rat. It's got more low end than the Brown Rabbit, which is not necessarily a plus, but it's also not a minus. The Brown Rabbit has a little more high end. Especially in boost mode.

I switched cause I simply like the Rat box better, and the Mohomods rat was cheaper. I liked both. They both sounded great with my tele.

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