Re-awakening my ears!

Went to a guys house last night to sell my 78 Hiwatt Dr103.
Very nice bloke and we were trying the amp in a huge music room in his house - about 60 foot by 25 or so. Full band set up there and he uses the house for practicing with his group...

Anyways, I got the amp hooked up/warmed up and we started goofing about on it.
Then we got louder.And louder.Then we practically maxed out the Hiwatt (Preamp at about 2.5 , master at 5) all through a Marshall 1960A.. (i know)

Man alive it was stupendous :bounce
I live in a detached house with my mrs but theres no way i could ever get the amp up that loud - things start rattling and breaking!
If it wasn't for the factthat I have a second vintage Hiwatt - I would have walked out and not sold it.

Ive had this amp for a couple of years but have never played a venue that enabled me to roll in the Hiwatt half stack .... But now I will make an effort to leave the combo behind and use it whenever possible.

These are BEASTS !

I would kill to play it that loud through my Fane cab with my own axe/pedals!

Anyway, i just thought i'd share this - An SLO is on next on my hitlist but last night just proved that these have to be cranked to come into their own.
I thought i'd heard my Hiwatts loud before but now =)

Im very happy with my exisisting gear now. Gas stopped for at least a little while...
Crank them up once in a while gentlemen, your ears and gear will love you for it (even if the wives/neighbours/kids dont)

Laced Senses

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I know the feeling. I play my vintage DR103 amps with the master volume dimed almost every day....and with vintage Fanes. It's wonderful stress relief. The pre-amp volume knobs vary between noon and 5:00 (dimed) position depending on the guitar and if pedals are used. I rent rehearsal space in an old warehouse for this purpose...and for recording/jamming in general.

Hiwatts are meant to be LOUD. That's the only way get the best out of them.


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With Fanes at that position on the volume knob you'd basically blow your eardrums to fragments! - but who cares: it's rock and roll and we'd do anything for the art of music, right? ;)
Laced, you must really, REALLY get out more lol

Rocky, there's some truth in that alright but this was RELIGOUS =)

Ps Laced, ever come across a humming on the brill volume that disappears when linked to the normal channel? (Its there if i just plug into the normal and turn up the brill independantly... Thanks)

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