Re-fret issues, a final "what should I do" ??


Hello all,

I posted a few issues about a recent refret (MIJ Strat, 7.25" radius, with 6105's). I've had a hard time getting used to this, and I even have hand cramps, (going from the guitar's original overly-filed vintage frets).

I am not sure if I should A) have vintage frets installed (re-fret again!), B) a re-fret with an in-between fret that Stew-Mac carries (Medium / Medium), or if I should C) have my luthier file the 6105's down (too tall for me), and flatten them, so it's a compound radius sort of deal (9.5 radius on the frets, even though it's on a 7.25" board). My vintage frets were flattened out, and I never fretted out or anything. I miss the way it was. Whether or not it should be this way with a different fret is the question, really.

I even thought of ordering some fretwire from Stew-mac just to see what I'd be getting into (it's a cheap reference, seeing the fretwire in person, ya know?).

Which option sounds the best? Keep in mind that the luthier is going to charge me either option. I don't care what I pay anymore, I just want to be happy. I am not sure with option C will help me (how much does fret width matter? We don't talk about that much).

Thanks in advance. I appreciate all the help here.


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i can't help but think that if you actually find the taller frets harder to play it means you're squeezing too hard (probably because of years of playing a guitar with low, worn-out frets.)

it might be worth it to just practice keeping your hand relaxed and playing the taller frets as they lie for a while; bad habits can be hard to unlearn, but it's usually worth it.

now, if the guitar is fretting out, it just means that either the re-fret or the following set-up wasn't done right.

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