Re-Fret Question


I'm new to re-fretting and was wondering if anyone uses white glue (Elmer's) for re-fretting?

I know super glue is very common and it sets up quick for faster turn around time.

White glue would fill the the slots nice and create a good bond I would think.

I watched a video of this guy using what appeared to be some type of white glue which raised the question.



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there is some question of things like white glue and hide glue introducing moisture into the slot and maybe causing the wood to swell, but plenty of peeps report using that stuff to good effect.

i'd say of the two the white glue will fill gaps where hide doesn't do that so well. i've read of factory procedures (maybe gibson, before the board is even on the neck?) where white glue is just rolled over the whole board then wiped off (leaving all the slots full), the frets are all kind of started in the slots, then the whole board is pressed under one giant clamp.

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