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Hi Jack,

I think one reason for the lack of responses is the fact that for under $500, you're really not going to find anything that is a step up from SONAR 3.x. SONAR 3 is a fully featured high end MIDI/Audio sequencer. It has all the features you'd expect from a "flagship" MIDI sequencer, although not implemented the way some prefer.

If you want to switch to another fully featured audio + MIDI sequencer in the PC world, you only have two options: Cubase SX, or Nuendo. These applications are more than $500. Although you can get Cubase SX for about $599 or less, so it's not that much more than $500. There is a "light" version of Cubase SX called Cubase SL for under $300 but I doubt you'd consider it an "upgrade" from SONAR.

If you are willing to give up decent MIDI implementation, you can switch to the Digidesign M-Box, which would be exactly $500, and comes with Pro Tools LE. PTLE is world class audio editing, but it's MIDI is very sub-par. Not only a step down from SONAR, but a step down from Cakewalk Home Studio! Of course, PTLE only works with Digidesign hardware, so you're "married" to the M-Box interface...if you don't like it, there's nothing you can do, except buy a more expensive Digidesign interface.

So basically, for under $500, your options are pretty limited. For a bit over $500, you could move to Cubase SX.

But of course...then comes the real question: what do you really need that SONAR doesn't offer you? Don't think I'm trying to sell you on SONAR, by the way. While I review most of Cakewalk's prodcuts for US and UK pro audio magazines, my preference is a Macintosh with Logic Pro. :) But it's a valid question--what is it that you think you will gain by moving to another application? In the end, that will govern the best option for you.

Hope that helps,

Scott Peterson

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Orren speaks the truth, and wisely so.

I am a Cubase SX guy; but Sonar has all the tools. What don't you like about it?


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Sonar is just incredibly buggy. You wouldn't believe the stuff I've run into.

However, I decided to finish up the current project with Sonar and even upgraded from studio to producer version. I'll probably switch to nuendo after I get my CD out.

You can get nuendo for $899 if you shop around.

Tim Z

I've used most of them, and when I first tried Samplitude I was sold. Been using Samp for about three years now and wouldn't ever consider anything else again. Version 8 is just coming out. I do entirely audio only work (i.e. no midi or VSTi) but version 8 is supposed to be vastly improved in these areas. IMHO, nothing can touch Samp :)

Check out this link:

I believe they have a crossgrade price from Sonar to Samp Pro.



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