#REALTALK ... friend of mine found an old guitar helping a client clean out some...


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stuff in a closet at their house. guy said that it was handed down but he didn't know how to play. my friend said, "i play, what are you going to do with it?"

the guy said, "i was just gonna hang it on the wall or have someone sign it or somethin... you wanna buy it?"

friend said, "sure, how much?"

the guy said, "$150.00"

...so my friend bought it, looked up the serial number online, and verified that it was a 1966 Gibson Hummingbird:omg he showed me some pics but i haven't played it yet. no case and some pick rash around the soundhole. otherwise, it plays great.

some guys have all the luck. :bonk

BTW... Karma is just a figment of your own guilty conscience. it only exists if you choose it to exist, so forget those comments.:boxer

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