Reamping battle: Diezel, Friedman, Mesa and Peavey

silver shadow

All amps sound the same! Or do they? Well, depends on who is listening and for what purpose.

In the video the same guitar performance is reamped 4 times and sliced in the mix.
While it is easier to hear differences when the amps are soloed, in the mix only the crucial differences stand out.

Which amp is your favorite in this shootout?



I think it's easier to tell the differences if you're playing chords rather than leads etc. To do an A/B where punters can really hear the difference over headphones or monitors, you really need to use the same speaker/mic combo for each amp, turn off the backing track and cycle through the amps a couple of times so they can flick back and forth to get a feel of what makes them individual.

The VH4 and 6505+ sounded more similar than different to my ears. I guess that is a big win to the affordable Peavey. Recto sounded really thin in the midrange and the Runt was a bit dark/stuffy sounding.

Great playing!

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