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Rebel 20 vs. Rebel 30


I looked around in the other threads and didn't see this, but if I overlooked it, sorry. I was just about ready to buy the Rebel 20 with the cabinet when I noticed that the Rebel 30 will be out in a couple of months. From what I can tell the 30 is only going to be around $50 more than the 20 would be with the cabinet, includes 2 channels, reverb, and a footswitch. I would like to hear what others think about the buying the 20 vs. waiting on the 30.
I just pulled the trigger on the Alchemist 1-12 but I was considering the Rebel 20 then the 30 and then the Renegade 50 from Egnater.

I talked to Bob from Eurotubes right after winter NAMM, and he said of all the Egnater amps he heard demoed at the NAMM he liked the Rebel 20, he said it had tone to die for. And he thought it was the best sounding of all the Egnater offerings. So even though it is not a personal opinion I regard Bob's opinion very highly.


I thought the 30 is going to be $300 more.
If you want a combo go the 30 for sure.
I don't - only wanted a head so bought the Rebel 20 last week.
Great value little amps ;)


This is what I got from Egnater for all of the new models. They said things could change before the release date.

REBEL-30-112 $899.99
REBEL-30-212 $1,099.99
RENEGADE-50 HEAD $999.99
RENEGADE-50-112 $1,149.99
RENEGADE-50-212 $1,299.99
RENEGADE-50-410 $1,499.99
RENEGADE-50-410X $599.99

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