Rebuidling board -- advice?

Hey folks! First post, but a long time reader (also know as a freeloader).

I'm rebuilding my rig for sort of a global change in sound. The big thing is switched having out my amp's (Blackstar HT-20) 12AX7 for a 12AY7. Finally the gain channel has some play on the lower end without going balls out.

I have a good handful of pedals, but my question is about boosting. I use an EP booster set to about 9 o'clock as an always on kind of thing. So far I've kept it at the front of my chain, but I need to add another booster now so I can switch the drive channel into higher gain without tweaking the knob.


1. Where should I put the EP booster as a tone enhancer? There's a ton of info on this and it always seems very much based on the specific circumstance.

2. Any suggestions for a new boost that'll be given the sole task of juicing the drive channel to get more gain? The cheaper the better, unfortunately. But thems the breaks.


delay dude

I would put the EP at the end of your signal chain (or right before delays and reverb).

As an aditional booster I can recommend the TC Spark Booster. It is very versalite and can add a little break up by itself.


I think any kind of dirt decision should be made by experimentation. You can be given reasons why certain modulation pedals should be pre/post dirt and 99% you probably want to follow the rules. Dirt pedals all interact with each/other amps differently and your style and goals are you're own. I would play with the order and find what works for you.

As far as cheap simple boosts, I like the MXR Microamp.
Thanks, I'll give those two a shot. I've been trying to get a Pork Loin to function as a boost in this instance, but it's way too fat. Gets the amp sounding muddy before it gets to the desired gain level. Wanted to love that pedal, but haven't found a use for it.


It definitely is a stupid username
I would also put the EP before delay/reverb. If I were looking for a boost to push the gain channel, I'd go with a Treble Booster - the Analogman Beano is great for this, but I'm sure there are other alternates that would do the trick.


+1 for the MicroAmp. Very simple and great boost for not much money. I've also heard some guys I respect recommend the EHX LPB, but I have 0 experience with it.

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