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Recent Revelation: Slack vs. Tension in a Tuner


Hey all,
Over the years I thought I had pretty much come to understand the workings of a guitar. Last week I was roaming around the net and discovered a site that addressed the topic of tuner optimization. The tech there went on to describe the action and relation of gears in the tuners. He explained how string tension levered the toothed gear on the string post into the worm on the button shaft to create a firm and precise load within the gear set that eliminated slack.
YOWZA. I never knew that!

If I am that late to the party, I beg forgiveness. Maybe this will help others to understand the subtle designs in play in the instrument.
Have fun,


Silver Supporting Member
This explains the old adage that one should always tune UP.
You must have heard that, perhaps you missed one of the reasons.

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