Reciecing Manuals. RCA?

Ditch Gator

If I wanted to learn more about amp designs, where is a good place to start looking?:confused:
I've read that alot of guys started by reading the RCA manual or Western Electric.
These (I've read) are the circuits that made it possible for them to build the amps that are so popular today.
So I guess my question would be "Which manual(s) exactly?"

Are these manuals still readily available, or have they been hidden by the new amp manufacturers so us other guys can't learn how to make them ourselves, so we have to buy their amps?:crazyguy
(Hey just because I'm paranoid...doesn't mean that they are not after me).:NUTS
Hope someone here can help.:BEER


One of the better reads would be RDH4 ( Radiotron Designers Handbook ) It covers a multitude of circuits. Lots of places on the web you can download it free.

If you want to get really serious about reading the real how its made,

This Site might be one of the best & biggest libraries of tube circuit design & data on the web.
Technical Books 1320 megabytes of technical book downloads.

There are a few books out that are geared toward guitar amps exclusively, but most everything that really matters can be found in books from the 20's - 50's.


There are also a lot of Downloads at the Main Site

Ditch Gator

...which? do you want to know (a) how to design them? or, (b) how they work?

Great info folks.:BEER

And Old Tele man...A.)How they work first and then...
B.)How to design one.:YinYang

I figure that would be the proper way of doing it but that hasn't stopped me before.;)


mark norwine

Ditch, et. al.

I have a RDH4 on the shelf......If you were to want a real, red-covered, hardback to have & to hold, PM me...

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