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Recommend a 15" speaker for a 5F1


I just had a happy accident and found out my 5F1 with 15W OT sounds fantastic as a practise bass amp. I had kinda shelved this amp as I have another build project which I think is a better suited amp for my playing... but if it works with my bass, I might as well put it to use when friends come over for a jam.

I have got a couple of cabs at my disposal with 10" and 12" speakers, but these are low watt and I don't really want to push them too hard with a punchy bass.

Can anyone recommend a 15" speaker I could try and run through? Ceramic preferrably. Just looking for a workable type P-Bass tone for rock jams and recording, nothing too high gain.


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I have had great success with Eminance Beta 15's. Fliptops used to recommend them as replacements for the B-15 Fliptop amps and I scored 2 for free at one point. I was pleasantly blown away by them and they are dirt cheap to boot.


JBL G135:
104 db efficiency, unbelievably rich, full and articulate, 50-6000 hz(!), 200 watt capacity, next to impossible to blow, and only $150 for a nice one from Jammin' Jersey's in California.

I have one of these and it does great with bass or guitar. Keep in mind that your amp would be quite a lot louder with one; it's crazy efficient. I have a 2x15 Eminence bass bottom here and the single JBL blows the doors off it.
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I have a Weber 15F150 Vintage Ceramic 15 inch Speaker, 50 watts. Have had it 5 yrs and it is a great speaker for guitar. Quite loud and articulate. Doesn't break up, lots of headroom. I highly recommend it.

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