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Hello, I'm interested in buying a new chorus pedal. Unfortunately my local guitar store doesn't have a great range so I'm having to go by videos and opinions.
On the spectrum of chorus, I'm looking for a swirly atmospheric sound rather than a chimey sound, think Nirvana, Blood Sugar Sex Magic type stuff.
I have a Dano Fab chorus (too plastic and drains batteries fast) and a clone of a Boss flanger (too vocal/auto wah sounding on the swirl).
Love the sound of the Boss CE 1 but it's too rare and expensive. Was considering a Joyo analog chorus but I'd like to hear any opinions and suggestions. I would also be using this pedal with a battery.
Thanks for any help.


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Check out the Corona Chorus (or Mini). It's a great, inexpensive way to break in to this realm.

If you absolutely have to have an analog chorus, I highly recommend the VFE Choral Reef or Malekko Omicron. Each have a BBD op amp (MN3008 for the CR, MN3007 for the Malekko) and can be found at/under $100 on the used market.


+1 on the Analogman.

checkout the latest Maxon ASC-10 Ambient Stereo Chorus. it is closer to the good old one and isnt to expensive. I highly recommend the Maxon Chorus pedals - sounds great.

the tech 21 boost chorus is a bit expensive, sounds not "perfect" on any setting, but offers a lot of chorus sounds.

Visual Sound chorus is really good too. - Soundwise a different animal and more "modern" sounding but really good.

Jam Pedals Waterfall Chorus sounds good too

Jaques Meistersinger is another sleeper...

yeah - which videos/demos did you like?


Nirvana used the EHX Clone style (don't get the neo though, nano and small are much better), and Chili Peppers (frusciante) used the Boss CE2, CE1, and DOD (all kinda similar) of that era. They're 2 different styles completely. I think the EHX stuff is better with overdive/grit/distortion, and the CE2 style for cleans. I have a nano clone and an H20 (which is in the CE2 camp). They're both cool, but if I had to pick one it would be the H20. That's my favorite pedal in general lately.


Thanks for the suggestions, think I'll keep an eye out for EHX and DOD pedals. Does anybody have any experience with the MXR or Arion choruses?


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I usually am not a chorus fan. But I got a Minifooger a couple weeks ago I absolutely love.
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Thanks for the suggestions, think I'll keep an eye out for EHX and DOD pedals. Does anybody have any experience with the MXR or Arion choruses?
MXR Analog Chorus is great, but not as lush sounding as the small clone.


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My favorite affordable option is the MXR Analog (the stereo, light blue one).

My favorite ever is the Cosmichorus... sweet sounding (or weird, as you may prefer), and incredibly versatile.

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I had a bi-chorus (AM), but sold it. I was looking for the SRV leslie at the time.


I bought an EHX Stereo Electric Mistress but it was noisy. It may have been my power, I will have to try it again and take note of the mA.


I got an old Arion SCH-1 for $20. Really nice, but it has a slight effect on the tone when off.


I recently ordered the newest Arion SCH-ZD from China. It is not the SCH-Z, but a newer one that fixes the volume jump. It has yet to arrive.


I am ready to pull the trigger on the TC Electronics Chorus Plus. Apparently a very high quality studio pedal. It takes 110 AC though. Reviews say it is very quiet.


I almost forgot I bought an early eighties CE-2 the other day for $60. It seems easy to overdrive when clean, but really brings a nice diversity when I have an OD cranked before it...


One word of advice... don't let the cost of a pedal sway you. The lower priced pedals can, and usually are every bit as good as the high end expensive pedals. After years of buying gear and pedals I am realizing Boss is probably the most reliable, useful stomps available.

If you want to invest in tone, get a bypass switch strip so you can enjoy any pedal and not worry about how it messes with your tone when off.

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My all time favorites are the CE-2 and CS9. I had a TC SCF and it is one of the all time greats but the hardwire ac cord and always active input gain trimmer were deal breakers for me. It sure did sound good though. The CE-2 and CS9 cover similar territory but the CE-2 is slightly more syrupy while the CS9 is a little more shimmery. If you want to stay cheap and cheerful the blue MXR analog chorus and its fraternal twin the black label chorus sound great and get you a believable Boss CE style sound and are pretty flexible to boot. Good luck!

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