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Recommend a DAW Controller/Interface other than a Digi003


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Hey out there-
My production department at work has approved about $1500 to upgrade audio recording capabilities. Currently we're just running mics to a preamp and running the output of that into a computer's soundcard. Looking to purchase a combination of control surface (we often multi track recorded v/o with various backing tracks/music bed) and I/O that won't break the bank. We don't use PT as a platform here, but I use LE pretty extensively outside work and would like to be able to bring by outside projects in for editing on the improved system (after work hours, of course :nono) so it needs to support PT. Sound like a Digi 002 or 003, right? Well, I generally only need two channels of mic pre's at any given time, and if I could record higher than 96k I'd like to. Plus the Digi's too expensive. I cannot buy used products as the purchase needs to go thru our accounting system (purchase order, etc...). I saw a NAMM blurb about the Alesis MasterControl (won't be out til this summer): http://www.synthtopia.com/content/2007/01/19/namm-alesis-introduces-mastercontrol/
It sounds like the ticket (only $799!), but I've had so-so results with Alesis equipment in the past.
Does anyone have any other recommendations?


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Thanks for the link- I think "sexy " is certainly applicable here. I wish it featured some sort of I/O, pre's and A/D conversion.


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I just bought an M-Audio ProjectMix I/O after much research. Got it on eBay for cheap, but if you must buy new, it is $1250. Does just about everything the Digi 003 studio does and is cheaper and just as good. Good mic pres, plenty of ins and outs, can't beat it.

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