Recommend a good starter DIY kit


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I've had a few cabs from Mojotone with no issues, mostly Marshall head cabs to be fair, no speaker baffles.

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I've bought 2 tweed cabs built by Mojotone and also had Mather build me a cab, all were excellent quality. No complaints from me, I wouldn't hesitate to order another cab from either.
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Back to op, if I were to build my first amp now, and didn't want reverb, I'd go with the MOJO( or equivalent) blackface vibro champ, or brown deluxe. The chassis are much more open, making your wiring much easier, p,us you're getting a tremolo circuit, which is pretty simple, but adds enough complexity without adding too much trouble. I really think the Tweeds, especially the Champ, are very frustrating for anybody, especially when you're doing your heater wiring, and prett much everything! The simplest ship in a bottle amp ever. Have fun.

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