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I am on a (real) search for a similar guitar as the Yamaha Revstar RSP20CR (custom, production, used, or new) except I would like:
  • Fatter neck ('59 LP size or similar)
  • A single-y type pickup in the neck (P90, TV Jones, Gold Foil (I don't have any experience with these))
  • A little lighter weight (under 9 lbs) - For back reasons only, I'm not a weight-weenie aslong as it sounds good
  • Must be a wrap around tail piece

I've been out of the gear loop for while and have been quite happy with my current setup but some things worked out better than expected so I'm looking....

What say you TGPers?



Are you one of those 'neck Nancys'? JK

Have you played one of the Revstars? They use super comfortable 'normal' sized necks. Not heavy either.

I wish Gibson made a 'fat neck' edition LP Special. (even if it wouldn't look as nice as the Yamaha)


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Lol...maybe just a little bit of a neck Nancy...

I had Revstar for about 2 weeks and it was very very good. I liked a lot of things about it before returning it for the weight issue. I was literally getting upper back/neck strain to the point that I had to take the guitar off. I'm really not trying to complain too much but the one I had was super heavy. Moderately heavy is ok with me

Da Geezer

I’m going to throw out a curve, but hold with me.....

I picked up one of these a few months ago and it is simply a great guitar

Epiphone '61 SG Special 50th Anniversary (made only in 2011, also made in white and cherry)

Fat neck, light weight, p90's (I did upgrade my pickups, but that’s a simple thing), wrap bridge (that actually intonates perfectly), bound fretboard, tuners, pots and switch are good quality.
The workmanship is excellent (I have boutique custom builds, several Gibson’s)
It’s been the 1st Guitar I pick up to play ever since I got it....if you can just get around the "headstock shame" :oops:
But that doesn’t bother me at all :aok
Plus, I paid a pittance for it compared to what I received
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