Recommend a mic/preamp rig for funk and soul


So, I'm into recording funky soul stuff along the lines of The Meters, Sugarman 3, Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings, James Brown, etc. You know the sound. I'm using a Harmony H-72 guitar into a few different clean tube amps, and the tones are totally there. I have a decent condensor mic (M-Audio Luna), but I've been running it through a Behringer Eurorack 4-track mixer and using the internal preamps. I find the preamps in the Behringer to be extremely brittle and thin-sounding, especially with mics like SM57s. I'm in search of some gear that will let me achieve more consistently pleasing sounds without having to do so much doctoring. Mainly, I'm seeking two things:

1) A good mic (dynamic OR condensor) that is used a lot for recording old nasty funk guitar, drum and vocal sounds.

2) A great tube preamp for getting those types of sounds. Ideally, I would like it to be something that I could use post-mixer for drums, or by plugging a mic or bass straight into it. I'm looking for something that gives beautiful natural compression when hit hard.

For reference purposes, I'm looking for a single mic and preamp that would stand the best chance of generating a mix that sounds like The Meters - Ride Your Pony.

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