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Recommend a Nice Clean Amp under 1K for use with a PRS semi-hollow body


About 10 years ago I went all acoustic... Now I'm going back to electric just for the convenience of using a looper so I can multitrack and create layered musical landscapes.

Bought a nice PRS S2 Custom 22 Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar, now I'm looking for a nice amp to go along with it for CLEAN tones, at bedroom volume and for use with a looper.

Much thanks for your response in advance, it's been a long time since I've had an amp. Tube amps were the rage 10+ years ago but things may be different now...


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Oh, most of us still love and use our tube amps! Or at least analog amps like what Quilter makes. If you like Fender tones, the Princeton Reverb, Deluxe reverb and Quilter mini 101 all sound very good... for ultra clean, I’d go with a Quilter.... it’s Solid state, but doesn’t sound like it....it also sounds better at low home volumes than my tube amps do....
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Tubes or not? If not consider a Roland Blues Cube either one will give you a nice clean channel and a second channel with more grit. The have a built in attenuation down to .5 watts on the stage model, not sure of the other one. Well under 1k.
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If I were you, I'd pick up a used Princeton Reverb Reissue or a used Supro Comet. They both have 10" speakers, reverb, and trem. The Princeton is going to be mored scooped and glassy, but the Comet sounds great clean, too, IMO. They also both sound great at bedroom volume levels.


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+1 on a Quilter 101 head. I have a non-reverb head and use pedals for my reverb - I also got a BlockDock 12HD cab for the Quilter 101 head - it has a place on the back of the cab to secure it to the cab and the whole rig comes n at 22.5 pounds - Blackface clean till you can't stand the volume. You can also roll in a bit of mid's to get more early tweed voice as well - the amp will give you back any "amp-in-a-box" voice type pedal and it cleans up very well when you turn your guitar down from 10 to 7. It acts and sounds like a quality tube amp, it's a well made amp for great tone and touch response without the tube-rolling hassle.

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I’d personally go for the Tone Block 202 if you go quilter. It just sounded better and bigger to me, and the reverb is in the “right” part of the circuit, as well. :)


Agree with pretty much everyone. Quilter for SS is hard to go wrong IMO, really amazing amps for cleaner stuff. Princeton or Deluxe is good too if you want tubes instead they are great workhorses.

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