Recommend an amp+speakers.


Haven't bought an amp in ages, not sure where to start.

Something in the 15 to 20 watt range....but needs to be able to get loud.

Something along the lines of..

Single channel
medium/vintage gain...needs to take dirt boxes well.
reverb not mandatory.
Big iron...hate wimpy transformers
good build quality.

Nice cleans..but don't need twang...prefer fat cleans.

I'm thinking head and maybe a 2x12"


Heady Jam Fan

Silverface Deluxe?

Mine's got a pretty fat clean with a Classic Lead 80.

On the other hand, I run my MKIII at 15w a lot of the time with a EV. Huge iron, super clean, but definitely not vintage gain (it does have a medium gain channel). I have it in a head cab and I'm uses an EV in a 112, used to use a 212 of V30's, but I think I'm putting it back in the combo for a bit.

Both take pedals like a beast.

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