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Please help, anyone who knows DACs.

I'm looking for an interface (into Windows and Mac) with the best upper frequency band reproduction for under $1000. I.e. best DACs? I'm willing to use Firewire or USB 2.0, or PCI slots (See Lynx comment below). I do a lot of ambient stuff with a lot of shimmer. I hate when it (shimmer, brilliance, imaging, spatial character and depth) doesn't show up during playback, when it was there during recording. (My grandfather kept songbirds - I think I listened to a lot of high frequency stuff as a child and it warped my brain.) I do all my work direct, using headphones.

Number of ins/outs is not so much an issue. The resulting tracks will be mixed and burned to CD with, hopefully, good fidelity, but I may be willing to use a second interface to do this. Why I say that? Because, although I probably will not go this route, still I have considered using a Korg MR-1 for its pristine clarity, (sample rate at 2.3 Ghz) and bounding the tracks. I would record to the MR-1 while monitoring a rhythm track played back via my DAW. That will be a chore since I will then need to line up the starting points of the MR-1 produced tracks I import with the other tracks in the DAW by ear - a real pain. Also, I don't know how well the sample rate conversion algorithms that Korg has for their unit.

Besides ridiculously high sample rates, is there a sure bet to reproduce all the clarity of the upper bands of the spectrum, in an interface for under $1000, like an RME, Presonus, MOTU, Focusrite? People seem to be willing to spend even more, and seem willing to buy separate DACs. I see Apogee and Lavry mentioned. (I see people buying Lynx too, which are minimal in terms of I/O and PCI based).

Looked through the forum but could not get an answer to this; sorry if I missed something.
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I have a Lavry DA10 and it sounds great.

It was about $850.

I'm also using a Mytek AD192 for input and I coouldn't be happier, frankly.


Loudboy's above ideas are outstanding...

I'll say this: I'm not sure $1K is going to get done what you are looking to do - even used.

Cheapest converter of reasonable quality that I'd recommend and have experience with is an Apogee Rosetta 200 (2xAD/DA). You are looking at about $1350 used and will need a PCI card to complete the package.

However, it sounds like you've got dog ears, so I'd recommend reaching higher if possible and exploring Lavry Blue which would suit your needs perfectly (as well as being very scalable in case you need to add channels). I just purchased a Lavry Blue with 2AD and 2DA channels for $1950 used. Still, you'll need a card to interface with your PC/Mac. Something like an RME HDSPe AES or a Lynx Card.

I'd also recommend going PCIe, as opposed to Firewire/USB to help reduce latency. So, to get the above setup you're looking at about $3K for the Lavry plus card (Lynx would be cheaper than RME).

Tough to splurge like that, but if you're that concerned with sound you'll end up there eventually, anyway...

My 2 cents...



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