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Recommend me a nmv, non channel switch tube combo to pair with a Gibson


I'd like to hear what others think on this..

Me: I play mainly LP's w/50's wiring, P.A.F. style pickups. I like playing blues, funk and classic rock. Artist I listen to are the Stones, Buddy Guy, Bonamassa, Muddy Waters, etc.. I do run a few pedals but nothing high gain. Also weight is an issue. Going to be used for home and small gigs. I like both British and American tone amps.

I've heard the Fender drri and a Gibson get along very well?

Also which speakers usually are better suited for humbuckers, alnico or ceramic?


A DRRI is a great amp if that's the tone you're looking for, however, for the styles you described I'd be looking at either a tweed fender or a bluesbreaker combo if you want to get some gain from the amp. Both would likely require attenuation or a master volume for small gigs, but those are pretty much the blues gold standards and both are fully capable of covering the other styles you specified.

If you're looking for a pedal platform, the DRRI is tough to beat.


Supro Dual Tone. It's got a cross between an American sound and a British sound. When clean it's got the crisp bite with some sparkle like an old Fender, but when you crank it it has a midrange bark and ferocious breakup of a mini-Marshall. Great low-fi old school tones like the artists you mentioned. 35 lbs. Gets a bit louder than a DRRI but breaks up sooner and with more intensity. Try one.

Or, if you've got the coin, then a 5E3 or 1974x.


Fender is great imho esp a tweed. Or a twin style with a tube screamer

Then there is also old marshalls like the bluesbreaker, JTM or a bass spec plexi. Those with a LP are lose your mind tones.


The DRRI or similar is a great choice with PAF style pickups, although as others mentioned you may prefer a Tweed style amp. The Blackface style amps are a little cleaner, but I like them better personally.

Also, check out the Bluesbreaker as well, which is an early, Marshall that was loosely based on a Fender Tweed.

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