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recommend me chorus pedal

Im interested in running chorus with distortion like dokken or eliminator era zz top. I play through a Marshall 1987xl, and frankly have no idea what im doing. Should i crank the amp or use a distortion pedal into a clean signal? Should i put the chorus in front or in the loop? Im sure some chorus pedals are better than others for use with some dirt, what products should i be looking at?

Please advise

Frosted Glass

Chorus in the loop, but by all means try it out front too.

If you're just starting out, try the blue MXR analog chorus to see if you like the effect.

If you've got heaps of dough to blow, I'd be looking at a Tortuga Martini


TC Corona is a pretty sweet chorus, love mine. It has a Boss CE2 Redo toneprint available too along with the loaded chorus/flange and trichorus settings. Worth checking out.


Chorus in the loop, but by all means try it out front too.
This, if you want pretty sound. My favourite in the loop would be an old Boss DC-3

If you want to put chorus in front I would try the voodoolab chorus. Its quite noisy, but sounds great with the marshall wound up. It has a good leslie type sound as well.


I have the MXR Black Label Chorus. (Others mentioned the ZW (zak wylde) signature chorus. Not to be too anal about this stuff but I think it is technically the Black Label). The Black Label chorus handles distortion very well and also does cleaner chorus extremely well too.

Basically MXR got tired of trying to explain that the Black Label chorus could do clean, so they rebranded it for "clean guys" who didn't want the BLS logo dirtying up their boards

I'm not a huge modulation guy, but this one blends nicely with rock tones.


I also like the MXR M234 Analog Chorus having previously owned Boss CE-2, CE-5 (analog version) and the Arion Stereo one. Plus points are, it's analog, true bypass, has a blend / effect level control (really key for me) and high and low filter / tone controls. Very flexible,warm and lush, also readily available so you can try before you buy at a store. Does the fast Leslie thing rather well although I don't use that sound myself. I always found the CE-2 overwhelmed my base sound too much,


Silver Supporting Member
I have the little Mooer Ensemble King. Supposedly it's a CE2 clone with an added level knob. Cheap and sounds good to me.

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