recommend me some creepy instrumental americana


Great thread, lots of incredible good music being recommended here.

Hope it`s ok to mention my own band as I think it could fit in here. Here`s AllAboutJazz describing our latest album;
"Pomona is filled with sweeping, lush landscapes. A kind of Nordic Americana..."
I love everything from Lanois, to old country music, to jazz, to Knopfler and Frisell etc...
So these tunes are a mix of everything I love, hope you`ll like it :)

A couple of songs:

"Purgatory" from our latest album Pomona

"Signs Part II" also from Pomona

Here`s a live version of the title track "Abigail". This album was released in 2013.


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I enjoy David Shephard's soundtrack to Longmire. Definitely has that spooky quality to it.
Andrew Kubiszewski's soundtrack to Badlands, Texas, is pretty interesting, too, but it uses electronics in places if that puts one off.
A third soundtrack I enjoy is Keven Kiner and Gustavo Santaolalla's "Hell On Wheels."

El Santo Nada's "Tuco" is pretty cool. Spaghetti western-inspired by Italian musicians.
Tin Hat Trio's "Book of Silk" isn't guitar-centric, but worth a listen. Can't quite decide what to call it. Sort of Turtle Island Quartet-ish modern music.

Steve Roach and Roger King's "Dust to Dust."
A Small Good Thing's "Slim Westerns." These last two I'd have to call sort of "desert ambient."

Finally, Eric Tingstad's "Badlands."
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Bill Frisell
The logical and best place to start is by exploring Bill Frisell’s deep catalog, especially from about 1997 on. Much of his music fits within the parameters of your search. His new album “Small Town,” duets with bassist Thomas Morgan, is amazing. I find it encouraging that at age 66 his playing is still getting better. The level of nuance and expression, the touch and tone is sublime. And since you like “Disfarmer” they do a version of the song Small Town that takes it to a new level of exploration.

Jenny Scheinman - Here On Earth

This is totally in the zone of Disfarmer. Maybe because Jenny Scheinman is the fiddle player on that and a bunch of Bill Frisell albums. Bill appears prominently on this as well, along with Danny Barnes, Robbie Fulks and Robbie Gjersoe on various guitars, resonator guitar and banjoes. Fantastic album.

Marc Ribot - Silent Movies

When this instrumental solo guitar album came out I was initially disappointed that it was mostly acoustic because his sound and approach on electric is so compelling. But the compositions, playing and mood are hypnotic and masterful. Not to mention unique. One of my essential albums.

Big Lazy - I love this band. Really great noir-ish compositions and guitar playing by Stephen Ulrich. Doesn’t sound like it’s from 19th century America, more like 1940’s on. But great nonetheless. If you like this, “Ulrich Ziegler” is a great album by Stephen Ulrich and Itamar Ziegler and sounds just like Big Lazy with two guitars instead of one.


This doesn't check the instrumental box but:

I saw the NYC premiere and my body pretty much crawled out of my skin.


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Outhro theme from 'The Wire' ...Haunting groove ..
Would have to listen to the whole song every time as the credits rolled by .. Luved it as I felt it captured the dark street vibe so well ...

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several years ago bill frisell released his album disfarmer, which immediately resonated with me. it did such a great job painting an image of a bygone time and place; an old america. i'm wondering if you guys can recommend me some artists/albums featuring a similar sound. there's something so eerie yet light and beautiful about it. listening to it i imagine vast landscapes and the hardships (and triumphs) of living in late 19th century america. daniel lanois- ironically canadian- also does a terrific job painting a similar image on his belladonna album. there will be blood also had a similar sonic atmosphere. any recommendations would be greatly appreciated as i really love that sound- great for just relaxing in a dark room, sipping on some rye and letting your mind roam.
Give Ry Cooder's soundtrack for "Last Man Standing" a listen. I love Cooder's soundtracks.


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This is probably my favorite genre and I look forward to digging into some of these recommendations. I’ve been into Tommy Guerrero lately and also think Khruangbin would fit in this category as well

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