Recommend me some Gov't Mule....


Never really listened to Gov't Mule prior to today. No idea why, just never have.

I woke up today with "Just Got Paid" (ZZ Top version) stuck in my head. After hours of hearing it floating around my lobes, I hit Spotify and searched it out and hit play and sat back with the Grado's on and closed my eyes. (Surefire method to get a song out of my head is to listen to it) ZZ Top goodness flowed.

The next song played was the Mastodon cover which was quite good. I was aware of it, and love that band.

Then another version started... I perked up and paid close attention to the sound. I opened my eyes and looked at the screen and saw it was the Gov't Mule version from The Tel-Star Sessions release.
I loved it.
I then clicked through artist and started listening. How I never listened to them before is amazing.

Anyone able to suggest a good starting point album(s) to get myself acquainted with Gov't Mule?

And while I'm at it... how about Phish? I've always been into punk and heavy metal/sludge/doom/crust etc., but had a soft spot for Grateful Dead and psychedelia in all it's guises, but I've never found a Phish album that connected. Any suggestions there would be appreciated as well.

Expand my horizions. Thanks in advance.


I've been listening to them on Spotify for the past few hours and have yet to find a song that I haven't smiled while listening to it.

I'm kinda kicking myself for not listening to them prior to today.


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It's never too late to get fixated on the Mule.

You can't go wrong with most anything they've put out but I'm a big Life Before Insanity fan.
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Marc Roy

The original trio albums are amazing (Life Before Insanity and Dose are my faves).

Post-trio, I love the Deep End discs a lot. Deja Voodoo is pretty good as is their most recent, Shout!. I like 'em all but those really stand out for me.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Gov't Mule. Get ready for a hell of a ride.
I like "Shout!" - which features a bunch of guest singers. Warren is one of my favorite guitar players, but I'm not a big fan of his singing. So, hearing him play guitar with others handling the vocals is the best of both worlds for me.


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As much as I would say starting with the first and moving forward, I am inclined to suggest going backwards down their catalogue, especially if you think you'd like to see them live. But really, just throw a rock and definitely don't forget the live stuff!!!
As with both bands, most fans are passionate and the artists can't live up to the past that they created in some of their eyes. I would offer the same advice as above. Both bands have live recording (for sale) on their websites. The also show the most popular downloads and latest (not necessarily played) uploaded shows that can give you a good idea.
But if you want a CD choice I suggest Mule's Live Mullennial set and Phish's Hampton Comes Alive set.


My favorite is Live with a Little Help From Our Friends, but Live at roseland and Dose are also super cool.

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