Recommend me some instrumental guitar albums!

Hey all, I’m looking to discover some (new to me,) instrumental guitar albums.

Here are some of my favorites I already have:

Michael Lee Firkins
Tony McAlpine
Steve Vai
Joe Satriani
Richie Kotzen
Yngwie Malmsteen
Greg Howe
Vinnie Moore
Eric Johnson
Shawn Lane
Guthrie Govan
Joey Tafolla
Paul Gilbert
Chris Impelliteri
Alex Masi
Leo Kottke (I also DO love finger style AND classical guitar!)
Steve Morse
Chris Poland
George Lynch
Derryl Gabel
Ty Tabor

So who else should I give a listen to?

I listened to maybe 5 bucket head songs, not super into him though. Holdsworth is great, but I’m not really into jazz/fusion as much. Also, though I respect blues players, I’m not big into the genre.

Are there any new guitarists who are in the vein of melodic shredders out there?

Thanks for any suggestions!
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Just a few

Chris Poland - Return to Metalopolis

Al Dimeola - Elegant Gypsy

Steve Morse - The Introduction

Pat Metheny - Still Life Talking, America Undefined

Marty Friedman - Inferno (a few vocal tracks but mostly inst.).

Tony Williams Lifetime - Believe It (Tony is a drummer but this album is a great example of Alan Holdsworth's brilliance).

Billy Cobham - Spectrum (another drummer album but featuring Tommy Bolin).

Anything with Ron Jarzombek - (Spastik Ink, Blotted Science, Gordion Knot)
Jerry Garcia "Side Trips Vol One"

I’ve actually never listened to him, will do!
Cool! I love the scorpions, but haven’t listened to him yet, will do!
Andy McKee is great if you like acoustic guitar. Pete Thorn also has some good solo stuff, and there's also Andy Timmons.
Yes, I love acoustic too!

I saw a vid of Shawn Lane playing with Andy Timmons, I’ll check out Andy’s stuff!
Here's a few of my favorites from Neil Zaza:

He's got a ton of albums, so check him out!

Also, Andy McKee. "Drifting" is the one that got him noticed if I remember correctly:

Beautiful stuff. That guy can play an acoustic for sure. You might also check out Michael Hedges, who had a similar style and was a big influence on him.
Well no jazz/fusion eliminates most of the suggestions above, and melodic shred is fairly narrow.

Maybe Zappa fits? He certainly was an influence to many on your list.

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