Recommend some Strat plastic and hardware


I am putting the finishing touches on a couple of Strats and would like some advice on selecting the best plastic and some hardware to round them out.

I want to keep them as "vintage" looking as I can, but I am not going to go completely overboard...i.e. no $50 knobs or anything like that.
What I already have in my stash is some leftover parts from a '99 1960 CS Relic (knobs, pickup covers, pickguard, jack plate). The CS stuff looks pretty good, but the knobs aren't quite the same as the ones on my '64 Jazzmaster, so I am open to other alternatives.

The guitars I am trying to finish are:

1964 rosewood neck on a MJT Candy Apple Red body. I already bought a Lashing celluloid pickguard for this which, even though it was the non-aged version, looks a bit more realistic than the CS one I had. I am looking for (possibly) pickup covers, knobs similar to a '61-'64. Any recommendations? Prefer aged parts, but it's not an absolute must.

1969 rosewood neck on a MJT Olympic White body with a large route for the bridge pickup. I am planning to set this up with a "Voodoo" style pickguard, i.e. with the bridge pickup slanted the opposite direction. I've found it helps to get a tight bottom end with fuzzes...oh, and it's how Hendrix' bridge pickup was effectively slanted...:stir
I already bought an "aged" version Voodoo-style pickguard off of Ebay, but it is too yellow/cream looking for my liking. I am trying to keep this looking like a CBS era Strat, so it should have a much starker white ABS plastic look to it. Also, the guard I got doesn't have the pickup mounting screw holes countersunk, so I have to use pan head screws, which I don't like. I also need knobs and pickup covers for this, though I could see myself using the CS parts I already have.

So, to summarize, I am looking for:

- pickup covers, '61-'64 style---OR late 60s style
- knobs, '61-'64 style ---- OR late 60s
- Voodoo style pickguard, '65-'68 look i.e. white, not cream. Countersunk pickup mounting screw holes. I *could* try a mint green one if I must, but would prefer an all white one
- input jack plate with a shallow angle so the jack stays flush to the body

I would be thankful for good suggestions. Keep in mind that I want these to be as vintage accurate as possible, but I am not restoring a vintage piece...

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