Recommend the Best Songs to Learn for Country Cover Band


So I’m a person that likes country music but is no expert. I’m also looking to play in some local outfits when lockdowns end and this is as good a time as any to practice.

Recommend some hits from yesterday (70s-90s) AND today (say the last 10-12 years til now) that are a must in the repertoire.

Looking for popular stuff (that span sub-genres of country) not just the barn burnin’ guitar material.
Seriously ... Medleys. they are great because you can slip in and out of them .. Go from one to the other .. Refer back to a previous song .. You can get creative .. Play them in one key .. Change keys .. Whatever ..Classic country western artist's medleys work well. Consider: . Johnny Cash .. Waylon .. Dolly .. Merle .. Hank .. Dwight .. Loretta .. Garth .. Patsy .. Alan Jackson ..And so on .. Lee Brice' s I Drive Your Truck (based on my old science teacher's son - RIP Jared Thank you for your distinguished service) always goes over well

Just ...avoid Wagon Wheels .. Lol .. Too many people hsve made that a contemporary cliché

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