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Recommendations for Half Open 4x12?


Silver Supporting Member
I currently use an open back Avatar 2x12 for both my Allen Old Flame and my Marshall. When playing both amps, I run the cab in stereo, but then each only gets one speaker. This means I have to be careful with the power from the Marshall.

I'd rather avoid another bulky 2x12 cabinet, since 4x12 cabs usually aren't twice as big (e.g. the Avatar 4x12 is only 8 inches taller than their 2x12).

I also think my Allen benefits from the open back cab, but the Marshall would probably shine more with a closed back cab.

Thus, a cab that was half and half would seem ideal for me.

Any suggestions?


Silver Supporting Member
Fallen to page two! Anybody know who makes a half open and half closed 4x12?


A couple of options come to mind:

1) the old Gibson Super Goldtone 4 speaker cab was a really nice design. It had two 10"s up top in an open back section, and two 12"s below in a closed back section. Many people loved that cab, but it's very hard to find.

2) Check out 65 Amps' 4x12 stereo cab - it can be split into various combinations of 1, 2, and 4 12s, although I don't believe they make it open or partly open. Who knows, maybe you could talk them into it.


Student of Life
Gold Supporting Member
It's not 1/2 and 1/2, but I have one of the Peavey Penta stereo 412s and it's got a slotted port at the top rear and I REALLY like it. It's more of a brightish, vintage/boutique voiced 412 and has almost none of the congestive comb-filtered totally sealed Marshall 412 tone.

US-made and very nice quality and big tone.


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