Recommendations for JCM800-like amp?

I have a Son of Yeti that I modded a lot. 2 6V6's at around 20 watts. I put a LarMar PPIV Master in it. Nice clean to 2 levels of Jose style clipping.
Still really loud without the PPIV...
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An amp that i was super interested in before pirces went up was the soviet 60, its a variation on the bassman/plexi+800 circuit that some people have said they preferred.
I can't remember if it has weirdo tubes or not like some of these russian brands, but if ehx were to reissue a faithful handwired version then it'd be worth the $800 they're going for now (as it is however, i wouldn't pay much over $600 for one second hand).
Bogner Ecstasy and Friedman Brown Eye. I don't think they'll nail JCM 800 tones perfectly but they're versatile as hell. Otherwise switch to Kemper. Heard great things about Soldano SLO too.


I'm realizing that I really want that Marshall-y, hot-rodded British high gain tone. It has that high end harmonic content and a sort of "squishiness" that i find very pleasing. I have a Mesa TC-100, and while I absolutely love that amp, it doesn't quite get to JCM800 territory despite it having a little more British flavor (I think it's the low mids).

What amp would you recommend to someone if they were looking for that JCM800 style high gain? I'm looking into the 20W studio JCM800, but am considering other alternatives. Several Friedman amps come to mind as well, including the Runt 20, Runt 50, and JJ Jr (however, I'm not sure how strict I want to be about the amp having EL34s as opposed to EL84s).

Also, if anyone here thinks I'm dialing in my TC-100 wrong and in fact can get convincing JCM800 tones out of it, please share your wisdom, haha.
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I think I replied to your other thread.. but as far as Mesa goes surprisingly the multi-watt Dual Rec is what killed my GAS for a Marshall in the context of the high gain and even low gain sounds. Its just an awesome amp that I happen to like more than the TC series (which is also fantastic). I believe that the TC is more of a Hiwatt type sound than a Marshall, more horn-like and less raw/grind. The Rectifier is very unforigving.. much like a Marshall.. I love it. You can also throw EL-34s in the Dual Rec and give it a little more midrange punch.

Anyway, I am not sure your budget but I would give Friedman or Bogner a good look. Frieman has the the Small Box which is an excellent take on a Marshall style circuit. Its a 50W amp but I found the volume controls on it to be quite excellent and usable.

As for Bogner.. his Helios amp is absolutely killer IMO.. and the build quality is excellent:



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Isn’t the Son of Yeti a 20W version of the Yeti?
Kind of it looks like, they describe it as "At the request of many players, we decided to try if we could combine the tones of our Hot Rodded Plexi series with a lower output section and smaller footprint."

But who in their right mind would get a 20w when the big boys are available? :D


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I recommend Soldano. If you can find a Decatone or Avenger. Of course Friedman are the new thing that sound great for Marshall esque.
I did however play a Boogie Dual Rec and flipped a switch that said 'vintage', and it got an incredible sound... sounded great in the mix.
The Avenger might get you in the ballpark, but the Decatone doesn’t come close to JCM800 tones - it’s got its own unique sound. I owned and gigged one for years and it never scratched the Marshall itch.


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I came to say Splawn as well. He makes great plexi, hot rod plexi and JCM800 style amps. I have the Supersport 50 Watt. Loud as all get out with some cool features. I had a Runt 50 too. It was good...but something to my ear about Friedmans sounds like they're always at one level of compression. It's black and white with those amps IMO.


Nope, but he's not asking specifically for 20w amps... :)
Son of Yeti is 20w.

I have a lot of respect for Friedman and you can’t go wrong with one of those amps.

The Chupacabra covers all the ground we are talking about here, plus. It’s a card carrying lunatic.

It’s oozes quality. Every fitting, the switches and dials, all of it just feels awesome.

The Ceriatone Chupacabra has that mojo. Its unforgiving and raw.

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The Avenger might get you in the ballpark, but the Decatone doesn’t come close to JCM800 tones - it’s got its own unique sound. I owned and gigged one for years and it never scratched the Marshall itch.
I agree its different. 6L6 tone for sure.
For preamp gain, I think the Soldanos are mighty nice.
The EL34 sound has a different feel obviously.
I still have my Soldanos, but broke down and got a plexi type, the JMP cranked, is still unbeatable. Thats just my preference. Amps are another subjective many to choose from these days.

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