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Recommendations for next cabinet


Hi all,

Currently own two mid-60's Princetons and a late '90s Top Hat Club Royale. I've got the small amp thing covered, so I'm looking big. Like fun big. Like probably impractical big, but something that puts a smile on my face when I strike a first-position G chord.

I'm looking to cover bases....specifically AC/DC bases primarily, as I know if I can cover that base I'll cover a bunch of others inadvertently.

I've just put together a Marshall 1960BX cabinet with Heritage Greenbacks, as I figure a 4x12 with Greenbacks is kinda at the center of rock guitar. This is a very good sounding cabinet, as you can imagine.

I have an empty Mojotone 2x12 that has a three piece back which I'm considering running openback with a pair of 16 ohm Celestion Blues running parallel for 8 ohms, as this should cover the Voxy thing if I get the hankering. A JTM-45 circuit can do a very good jangle if given the right opportunity.

Now, I'm still contemplating another cab....maybe another 1960, but maybe the A version, with Vintage 30s? Looking for recommendations there...

Heads in question will be JTM-45 and/or 2203 and/or 1959 circuit Marshalls. Simple, high-quality pedals, Tele/SG/Gretsch. Looking to mix Malcolm with Page with Chet.

Thanks in advance.

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