Recommendations for refinishing/repainting shop


Can anyone give me a recommendation for a place that to do a fairly straightforward paint job on a guitar body?

I have an old Charvel Model 4 with a DIY graphic and just want the body repainted in something similar to the original metallic color. I don't need precise color matching, just a good paint job. The body is in good shape so no issues there. If anyone wants to share the rough cost and turnaround time that would be great too. Thanks!


Any good wood refinishing shop will do a nice job for you. You or someone else will need to remove the parts that can't be masked properly.


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Pat Wilkins in Van Nuys, CA is probably the most well known guitar painter in the country. He has done work for many of the major guitar makers and you're guaranteed a superb result with him. He's not cheap though, and he would probably be overkill for your project. Just thought I would share that info if anyone needs top tier finishing.

Also, I've had a number of guitars painted by Fausto Reyes of Reyes Painting in Norco, CA. He's capable of the same level of work as Wilkins - and was doing all of the painting for Dean's custom shop when I used him. I don't know if he's still there as I haven't seen him for a while. He's very reasonable price-wise and a really nice guy to work with.
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