Recommendations on a portable but good sounding sub?

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Asking for a friend and bandmate of mine. He recently bought a Behringer XR18 and he is looking for some good active speakers at the moment. He's been getting into live sound more and more lately and I have been starting to get more and more interested in that topic as well, so we may be soing sound together.
He already managed to select a few different brands of FOH speakers that he is interested in. I believe he's mentioned turbosound and QSC. He'd like to get a sub as well but he wasn't so sure on that yet. He'd like it to be portable, he doesn't want anything too big or heavy. Perhaps a 2x10? I was wondering if you have any suggestions for him? I belive he hasn't settled on a price range yet so he'd be open to suggestions in different price ranges. I would assume his upper limit is somewhere around 1500-1600 euros though for the sub.



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The new Turbosound isn't as good as the old stuff, but it would be worth a try because they offer various sizes and because you could connect it to the mixer with Ethernet cable. Most people consider the smaller QSC K-Sub to be decent but not great.

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It would be helpful if we knew what your friend's intended use was. What type of music, what type/size venue, etc.

It could also depend on what top boxes he picks and the availability of different brands in the country you're in.
Thanks guys!
We are from Holland. All the mainstream brands like EV, RCF, QSC etc... are available. Dynacord is from Holland, they are very popular over here and they have a very good reputation. I bet there is specialty stuff available too but I am not familiar enough with PA equipment to know... I could research that though.
We are in a Fleetwood Mac tribute band, that'll be the main thing the PA will be used for so we can provide our own sound. We have recently discussed expanding our repertoire with some main stream rock/funk/pop type stuff to get some more gigs.
We're not looking for anything extreme from the sub, you don't have to feel the punch in your chest from the kick drum for example.
My friend will probably go for 12 inch top boxes, but hasn't settled on a brand or model yet. I guess the PA will be used for venues with 200-300 people at most.


The thing about subs is the smaller, lighter ones can easily be outdone/overrun by the tops. So unless you're playing pretty quietly, a typical "small" sub isn't going to do very much. One of the better mini subs is the EV ZXA1 12" sub. Yeah, it's small and light but it's not going to give you the performance of the better 15"-18" subs. And you would need two to even come close, output wise, to what an very average 18" sub could do. But if you have access to EV, perhaps listen to these to get an idea of the performance level of a small, lightweight sub.

I would be looking at what the various brands cost. If Dynacord is in the same ballpark, price wise, as other brands in your country, I can say they are a well respected brand. Their subs use EV drivers. Their 15" PSD 215 sub weighs 87 lbs. You might get by with one, but two would be better. The QSC KW181 is a well respected sub here in the US and one would most likely be adequate. A more modest sub is the EV ELX 118P and it's fairly light at 68 lbs. One might work for your band. There is the EV EKX-15S weighing in at 55 lbs. A little less performance than the ELX 118P but it is a 15" sub compared to the ELX 118P which uses an 18" driver with a bit larger cabinet. Perhaps try the EKX -15S and see if it fits your needs.


too heavy at 90 lbs
With a lighter sub you may be rather disappointed...
I suggest to have a look at the maximum (or continuous) SPL dB of your main speakers. Your sub should be at least 3 dB more powerful, or it will not balance well. More difference will be even better, and in case when you use it, if it's too powerful, you can just adjust the sub volume.
Since you have mentioned not very big spaces, and you're in Europe, I would suggest to have a look at an Italian product.
It's Montarbo Earth 212. Montarbo is an important manufacturer in Italy, and it has probably the highest respect for its reliability.
The Earth 212 is powerful and light (but it's not very compact... you can't always get what you want...). I think it's really the best product you can find in a light box. Depending on the size of the place where you use your speakers, maybe you'll need 2 subs (specially if outdoor).
By the way, from the same manufacturer the Fire 12A are popular (top tier) main speakers.
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I believe he's mentioned turbosound and QSC. He'd like to get a sub as well but he wasn't so sure on that yet. He'd like it to be portable, he doesn't want anything too big or heavy. Perhaps a 2x10?
I have two QSC Ksubs and they work very well for my classic rock band. I use just one Ksub when we play indoors (usually a medium size bar) and two Ksubs when we play at larger outdoor venues. The Ksub is a 2x12, and it's easy for me to lift by myself and it is relatively compact and fits nicely in my Subaru Outback along with all the other PA gear and my guitars and amp.


Danely TH Mini? Pricey but the performance and compact was worth it for my needs. Purportedly about equal to the good vented box 18's.
I've had a pair of these for several years and I'm still very pleased and impressed with them. I was able to mount 4 fairly large castors on the backs of them so they are very easy to move around even by one person. In my main system I power them with a speaker processor into a 2500 watt QSC PLX2502. On my smaller setup I'll use a dirt cheap 7lb Behringer NU3000DSP amp which has excellent built in processing that match the TH-minis requirements well. I'll mention that these subs perform much better in a clustered pair vs just one of them. Center cluster a pair of them and you will think they sound like MUCH bigger subs!
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