recording delays/revs live


Got a cool session at the weekend where I would like to record delays and reverbs rather than using plugins and outboards because we want a more vintage/modern earthly quality for this album.

I'll be using a laney VC30 stack and 2 VOX AC15s for the stereo pan stuff.
The laney will be just clean/drives and all other effects go to the sattelites, and I'm running a reamping out into protools just to be on the safe side.
A few of the songs feature U2 type delays, which are imposible to do in post production of course.

Any tips or hints on this? I've recorded true stereo before, but not with 3 amps. We definately are going for that Snow Patrol type sound, no high gain antics this time round:thud

Any advice would be appriciated, I think I've got most things covered - 2 mics per amp with field separation but now and then something comes up as a helpfull hint.



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