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Rectangular Case for SG?


Silver Supporting Member
The original Gibson case that came with my SG has a few issues, so I've been looking into replacements. Ideally, I'd love to find a rectangular case that would stack better with my Fender and Rickenbacker cases, but most of the cases I've found are built for a Strat or Tele and won't fit the SG. I've also seen the vintage Gibson cases but the ones I've found for sale have all been pretty beat up and don't seem like they'd offer much protection.

I did see this Ameritage case, but the dimensions Ameritage sent me when I inquired about it don't seem like it would be deep enough. They gave a depth of 2" and the SG is closer to 3" at the headstock because of the angle.

Does anyone know of a rectangular current production case that they'd recommend?

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