Red Dragon Cartel (Full Album) on YouTube!!!


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Its ok, but that doesn't even compare to Badlands IMO. Badlands was raw and soulful. RDC not so much. And Ray was crazy good. I can see how this sound may be more marketable in today's music, but again, that's not so much a good thing. I also feel like Badlands kind of transcended the era they were in much like some of the 60's and 70's rock doesn't feel as dated as some of their contemporaries. Just my thoughts.


Bob Maximus

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I'm digging it! Thanks for the heads up. Pretty heavy album, drums are kicking and even Darin sounds great. That tune with with Zander is awesome.


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Love Jake, loved badlands, new singer...not so much

What he said.
Jake was fantastic.
Badlands was one of my favs and Ray was a friend. RIP brother.
This sounds like they are trying too hard to fit in with todays "metal" and the singer IMO flat out sucks.
This is the first release with Jake on it that I have no interest in buying or even hearing again.


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I like most of what I've heard so far on it. I'll give Jake props for not going out and just doing a Badlands part 2 type of thing


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The first tune the singer sounds a bit like Ozzy and the second tune he sound's like Chip Znuff. I skimmed through a few tracks and its definitely different then what I would have expected. Overall pretty cool even though I am not a huge Jake E Lee fan like some here.


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seriously? I love Jake as a male guitarist, always have but this in no way compares to anything he's done with Badlands.....

I like Jake as a male guitarist as well. If he was trying to be a female guitarist, I don't think he would've been as successful. That's just my opinion, though.
Well, color me disappointed.

I'm not digging the songs, with the exception of "Fall From The Sky". By the time i got to "Slave", i was skipping through the tunes just to hear the guitar solos. I'll probably still buy this just to support Jake, but like "Retraced", don't know how often i'll listen to it.

Jake has said in al his current interviews that he doesn't want to keep doing the same type of music over and over, so i understand him trying to go in a different direction here. Hopefully his next project will have him playing in a "Spectrum" type setting like he said he was looking to do after Badlands.

Go Cat Go!!

ah crap! That singer ruins it for me. He's got that Graham Bonnet thing going on. Sounds like he's straining for every note and is tearing his vocal chords to shreds. Guitar work is pretty cool but that singer kills me.

Rob G

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I'm a huge Badlands fan, saw them in London in '91
Was at the much discussed Whiskey debut gig of RDC and the singer was bloody awful and made a complete arse of himself.

I'll buy the album because I love Jake's playing but the singer doesn't do it for me.

On the plus side I chatted with Jake at NAMM on Saturday and he was super nice, self depreciating and funny. He described the Whiskey gig as "like Woodstock because people will say that they were there for it" making fun of how badly it went.

I do think Jake is right to not try to duplicate Badlands because Ray's voice was absolutely amazing.
Did anyone see the NAMM show Friday? I had passes and saw Jake at the show Saturday.

I LOVE Badlands and Jake with both Oz and Ray is definitely something special.

I didn't end up going- I heard it 'ok'.

Would like to know thoughts from others.


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On a side note, has anyone seen the pics of Jake's white Charvel - now with the P-90 in the bridge? I wonder if he used that P-90 on the album?


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