Red Hot Chili Peppers Album Released today - Unlimited Love


Listening more last night, again on big speakers, I flipped back to some tracks on By The Way and Stadium Arcadium. Sound wise I found them far more ‘in my face’ than the current album and not in a good way. Maybe subsequent remastering has affected them? The new one grooves in a more mellow and intricate way as you would expect from their years and experience, almost like jazz. Enjoying it more with each listen and although I have to admit that I don’t listen that closely to the lyrics, the quartet just seems to fit together so well. Glad it exists. Love Frusciante in this band.


bring back Josh Klinghoffer!

“I’m With You” was ten times better than this uninspired garbage
I wouldn't call the new album garbage by any means, but I think the individual songs on the two albums with Josh were better/stronger. This new album mostly just sounds like a jam session to me where the two albums with Josh sound like "songs"
I thought the same back when listening to Stadium Arcadium and then I'm with you. Stadium is so guitar and riff driven (in a good way) where again I'm with you is more like "song driven" if that makes sense.
It's the same case now to my ears at least, but Stadium Arcadium had more "songs" and riffs. I enjoy this new album too, but it mostly sounds like a jam session with some cool ideas here and there.
I do like the sound of the new album though, it sounds very natural and not overly processed or pushed in any way. It sounds good.

I feel bad for Josh the way so many fans treated him. He's a great player, songwriter and singer. He was the natural choice for that role in the band after Frusciante left. He was really good.


This album needs multiple listens. I'm loving it. Heavy Wing is an outstanding track.
I was very surprised to hear a Beatles influence (I want you (she's so heavy)) at the end of Veronica for example. That or the more country sounding outro of White Braids. I feel they've been experimenting more, and dare to try something new here and there.
The Heavy Wing is quite something yes, it sounds a lot like a solo song from Frusciante. Love it.

And I must add the sound and production are quite outstanding: very few instruments, a "live" feeling, I really enjoy it.

I did love some songs from their last albums, especially Dark Necessities.

Marc Roy

Listening now. This one will take some time to digest. Not blown away so far.
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I got into the Chili Peppers with "True Men Don't Kill Coyotes" in 1984.

I've been with them ever since.
Saw them in '86, '89, 90, 91, and then directed their Lollapalooza show in 2006 and their ACL Fest show in 2012.
They are a great band. Flaws and all.

Listened to it twice.
Killer playing.

"It's Only Natural" and "The Great Apes" are my faves so far.
The production is great.

My biggest issues is the word salad lyrics.
Anthony never planned on being a lyricist or a "singer", but he's grown into the role and has as many hits as misses.
He found his own style that works for him.
Some songs you can tell Anthony is really trying to match up the lyrics and the melody with the song the rest of the band is playing.
Other songs not so much.
Who cares though?
The Chilis are an institution.
The fact that they are out there releasing new music is amazing considering they could do a hits tour forever like everyone else.

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I stopped listening after JF left again because it was sad to me. I never gave the JK stuff a chance even though my son said the albums were really good.

I prefer their high energy stuff...I will give the new album a listen.


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I will keep it I am also a long time fan since the mid 80's. The production on the new album is great. Flea's playing is killer, as is John and Chad's. They are truly a "blended" band that plays off of each other's strengths for sure.

In summary though, I was bored. After three solid listens. I was just.....bored. There are moments. And a number of the songs I do like and enjoy. But for me, the Peppers have always been about a certain energy. And given that they are all still in great shape, and are still amazing players, I wanted some tracks to jump out of the speakers and grab me and take me for that ride.

I love it when bands evolve, even mature, and really embrace their sound. So again, there are good songs on this album! Hard to explain...but I feel like the Peppers are more comfortable being a mellow vibe band that plays on the Santa Monica pier playing to the Chardonnay crowd than the high energy, fun loving band that would play at the top of a empty pool used by the local skate kids.
I think I felt the ground shake when that comment was posted.
I totally agree with the fandom for the records they did with Josh Klinghoffer. everyone is going nuts over the return of John Frusciante, but to be perfectly honest - I was fine with the RHCP the way they were. the last 2 albums are SO damn good, especially I'm With You. I absolutely loved those songs... but of all the tracks I've heard from Unlimited Love so far (about 5 or 6 of them), I think maybe 2 were really good. the other songs were mediocre at best.
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Never heard that b side before - that is fantastic.
the I’m With You b sides are the hidden gems in the RHCP catalogue. there are 17 tracks in total. it’s crazy that people won’t even give them a chance because it ain’t John. Klinghoffer is in my opinion the best fit for that band because he pushes them to go out of their safety zone.



the I’m With You b sides are the hidden gems in the RHCP catalogue. there are 17 tracks in total. it’s crazy that people won’t even give them a chance because it ain’t John. Klinghoffer is in my opinion the best fit for that band because he pushes them to go out of their safety zone.

I found them on Spotify, along with some other singles from them. Awesome

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