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Red Knob Twin - Pulling 2 tubes safe?


I have a friend that has a very loud 4 6L6 tube Fender "red knob" Twin. He asked me if I knew if he could pull two of the tubes without risking the amp. I know some amps can do that but I would never try it.

Anyone know for sure?

John Coloccia

Cold Supporting Member
It's a Fender "The Twin"? I have one of those. If you flip the output switch to "LO" I believe it works at 25W, turning an amp that is unbelievably loud into one that is merely too loud.


Lots written on forums about the 'Evil' Twin Red Knob 2x12 Fender 100watt.. Here's my experience.. I got mine a few months back, I've always wanted one since the early nineties - my fellow studio engineer and guitarist had one. He stuck a RAT disto pedal in front of it (clean channel at around 5) and it was absolutely fluid sounding and killer distortion tone with no nasty fuzzy. LOUD as HELL, though - another friend of mine (Jazz player) put EV drivers in his and it was twice as loud, and still clean as he liked it... Well I got mine now that I needed a reliable amp for live, and have tried every suggestion for making it quieter and still retain tone - switching down on the front, 2 power valves out, replacing V7 (12AT7) for 12AU7 etc... My advice is KEEP IT REAL. The only way to make the valves in these amps sing, just like most other quality or vintage amps I've had (Selmer etc) is to turn it up LOUD and run it at FULL POWER like it's designed to be. It's that simple. I refuse to record mine below 4. This is VERY loud if you have neighbours/wife/no sound-proofing, but there you go. My EMG humbuckers into the 'clean' channel on 4 to 6 is perfect for AC/DC type rock, and switch back to single coil neck pickup, and you have beautiful blues hendrix/SRV tone with natural sounding break-up - but you have to drive them hard to get that tone. The ODrive channel is fine for more overdrive - a bit fuzzy, nice and thick, but it's not 'that' tone you get when the valves are cooking and the speakers are moving tons of air.. With good disto/odrive pedal/s in front of the 'clean' channel, you have all the monster tones ready to go - from sparkly clean to natural distortion and break-up. BUT, run the Evil Twin quietly, and it WILL SOUND THIN. Oh, and yes it IS extremely heavy. Get a Flight Case on Castors - even to move it 4 feet across the room.. Just my findings, hope it helps clarify stuff.


Silver Supporting Member
Yes you can pull two tubes, it's documented in the manual. I ran mine that way for years. You just have to change the speaker impedance. If your friend lost the manual, or bought it used and never had one, here's what it says:

"(Low Power Option: The Fender TWIN amplifier can be run with only two output tubes instead of four. This is done by removing the two inner 6L6-GC tubes, (the 2nd and 3rd large tubes, counting left to right) and setting the IMPEDANCE SELECTOR switch to one-half of the total speaker load impedance; i.e. with one 8 ohm speaker connected the IMP. SEL. switch should be set to 4 ohms. (Remember--half the tubes, half the impedance.) This will produce 60 Watts RMS in the HI power setting and 15 Watts RMS inthe LO power setting.)

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