red threat pedal ?

Has anyone heard of a red threat pedal? I read online that it's a high gain true bypass pedal and saw a picture, but can anyone tell me about how it sounds? Has anyone played one? I was offered one and don't know much about them.


i played one into the clean channel of a rivera knucklehead. i didn't spend tons of time with it, but i honestly wasn't super into it. i prefer the rat pedal. i can't compare it to another distortion pedal, because i am not well versed in the nuances of each one. i guess to me it just felt more pedally than the rat (or the mosferatu or the full drive 2, but those are different animals). i also didn't get enough time to really get to know it, so who knows?
I own a fulldrive 2 and have had several rat pedals, so I'm pretty familiar with those. I'm completely sold on the fulldrive, and the rat has a really unique sound, but I'm reluctant to go with a red threat. Thanks for your help!



I had one on loan for a few days. It is definitely high gain! More gain than a Rat. It's funny, it sounded awesome thru my old Ampeg that I use at home but not so good thru my friend's Deluxe that I use for rehearsal. Kinda' buzzy and transistor-heavy thru that amp... but I swear, at home on the Ampeg it was killer. Had that 'God Save the Queen' tone or maybe some early-Metallica vibe too. Lotsa' cut and it sounded pretty massive in the low-mods, but damn, it didn't do the same thru the Deluxe.
If you are looking for an aggressive, somewhat rude hi-gain pedal, I wouldn't discount it until you give it a try. Based on my time with it, it could totally fit the bill, or leave you stumped... if it's an onine dealer I'd say you might be able to return it and get something else w/the credit.


Yeah, i had one on loan for a few days too (tourbox). Cubba descibes it pretty well. Very gainy, but huge sounding, gets buzzier as you crank it up, but it seemed designed that way, ya know, buzz in a good way. Also was a loud box, very open and large sounding. No problem destroying unity with that thing. With the gain set very low, you could get this very cool trashy fat overdrive/dist. Good lookin box too. It sounded great with my '68 bassman and my vox ac15. Guitarwise, i thought it sounded best with my SG (humbuckers) or LP deluxe, but it still ripped with my single coil stuff, just the noise factor was there.


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Any current red threat owners? I just picked one up last night but I won't be able to run it on my "big" rig 'til monday. I didn't notice an real noise issues at all but I was typically running it volume high and gain no more than half. I loved the crispness of it. For some reason I was under the impression that this was a Muff clone but it's nothing like that...I'm glad I tried it out.
I have one. It is by far the noisiest pedal I have ever owned. Big time. That being said, the tone of it (aside from the noise) is nice. It is a shame it is so noisy. I plan to see if I can do anything to it to reduce the noise but retain the basic tone.


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My SPF Red Threat sounds great on EL-84 and 6L6's....quiet, I love it, no problems, excellent's a keeper.


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I returned mine because of the noise issues...I just couldn't use it with any real volume which really sucked because I liked the tone at lower volumes. If I was looking for quiet jams around the house I might have kept it but in front of a blasting full stack it was unbearable.