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Red Witch Deluxe Moon Phaser Users...


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1. Which cosmology setting do you use (and why)? For reference we will call the far left setting position I.

2. Have you ever messed with the internal pot that supposedly affects the amount of throb?

Given the recent 40% off sales I figure there are probably a lot more people using this pedal these days so I thought I'd make this thread. I have had this pedal for a good 6-7 years now but it has always seemed like kind of an outlier on TGP. I actually had no idea there was an internal trim pot until yesterday. Oh well.


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I generally use 1 followed close by 3. But I can use all of the modes depending on the guitar and amp I'm using at the time. But 1 & 3 are to go to's....

And the internal trim-pot is pretty much set perfect. I messed with it only to have it set back to stock....
Don't have the Deluxe, but the non-deluxe. Yeah - never touched the trim pot. And like Scotty above, I've been stuck on position 3 for a good long while.
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I just received my Red Witch Phaser today. I was expecting more of a traditional phaser. To my ears, this is more of a combo Univibe/Phaser. There are some really cool sounds for sure. Nice rich analog modulation. I like all the positions, except the tremolo. I'll have to give it some more time before my final verdict, but it's definitely a very nice pedal so far.


I was just playing my Moon Phaser back to back with the FX8's Phase 90 script (with a couple of tweaks by respected Fractal Forum member, Yek, to get it even more authentic). And I was playing both of those to see how each compares with Syd's Theme from "Shine On..." Seem to my ears like setting 3 is the closest to Phase 90, but the Moon Phaser adds a little more throb--either in the bass end with the Trajectory knob around 1:00 or in the treble end with the Trajectory knob approaching max clockwise. I ended up with the Trajectory knob at about halfway between noon and max cw. It won't "nail" that Phase 90 sound, but then it's not designed to. :)

There's a comparison video by gearmandude on Youtube to a Fulltone Dejavibe on Cosmology number 1 (full counterclockwise):

When I want a univibe/phaser hybrid that is a bit more subtle, I choose Cosmology number 4, which is a tremophase setting.

The Red Witch website used to have info and a pic about the trim pot, which I've copied below. From that info, it sounds like the Moon Phaser could get even closer to the Phase 90 if I dialed out that throb...but then that might make Cosmology setting 1 less like a univibe and would make Cosmology setting 6, the tremolo, even more subtle. For all around versatility, probably the factory setting is just right.

Here's what the web page said:
(Or you can access the web page using the Wayback Machine here https://web.archive.org/web/20080305073556/http://www.redwitchanalogpedals.com/treats.html)

Moon Phaser Bias Adjust Mod

This Mod enables you to change the emphasis of the phase and tremolo effects of your Moon Phaser.

Step 1) Remove the four screws from the back panel of your Moon Phaser. Lift off the back.

Step 2) Locate the Black trimpot (featured in the photo below - circled in blue)

Step 3) Using a scalpel or craft knife mark where the trim pot is currently set (so you can return it
to the factory preset after your experimenting)

Step 4) Attach guitar, amplifier and power supply to the Moon Phaser. Set the cosmology control
to the first phase setting - position 1 (pos 6 is the trem setting) . Set trajectory fully clockwise.

Step 5)Play something and adjust the black trimpot - you'll find turning it one way makes the signal more "shimmery"
and turning the other way makes it more "throbby".

Step 6) Try adjusting the internal trimmer when the cosmology control is set to trem mode - you'll find that you can
get a much deeper sounding trem by turning the black trim pot. Be aware that this will reduce the shimmer when
in phase or tremophase mode.

When you've finished playing and either returned the trimmer to it's original spot or shifted it to it's new and
improved locale, kindly replace the back, reinsert screws and continue on with your life



I've played with the pot on mine. The smallest movements make a difference so make sure you mark the factory position. I ended up going back to it after trying the suggested mods. I'd rather have the even shimmer/lighter tremolo sound of stock. I also have the red Witch tremolo which sounds awfully close to the trem on the moon phaser. Position 1 or 3 for me mostly, too.


Where abouts are you guys using them in your chain? I had a volume drop issue with it too deep in the line, maybe I need to build a simple buffer to put in front of it?

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