Redbear mk 60 mod help anyone?

Hi everyone, i'm new here and am a tube amp lover but i have not the skills or tools to work on them currently.
I just acquired a Red bear mk 60 head and the volume drops in and out on the high input jack which i'm hoping is a quick fix.
I like this amp except the highs are too high and the lows too big(never thought i'd say that) but the platform seems like a great one to mod and its PTP!
This amp allows me to play softly and then dig in and get the responsive grit!
My goal would be versatility since i like vintage and modern sounds but primarily a slightly overdriven sound works for me.
Anyone had any good experience with these amps or modding them?
Any input appreciated Thanks


Senior Member
Any good tech with a proper schematic should be able to help you. I like the Red Bear amps, and can be a good sounding JCM800 style amp. There are lots of great amp techs in Cali.

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