Redmere solist combo


Hi guys,

i'm just wondering i got some tube amps nowadays but my first amp was this redmere solid state combo, wich actually is a pretty okay 3-channel copy of a marshall 1959,vox ac-30 and a fender ... amp/MEXICOLAS/Redmere-soloist1.jpg

I heard and read (on this forum) that there were only 10 or so made and pink floyd had one (?!)...

I'm just wondering what it's worth right now , is it going to be 'sought after' in the future,....

thanks !

chears, Robby


Ten pieces isn't enough to gain a reputation, good or bad. I'd say it's worth whatever someone's willing to give you for it.



Made by PA:CE in the 1970's along with M&M and Intermusik brands. They later began to do contract work for H||H.

They are good combos, better than many tube amps, and yes, David Gilmour of Pink Floyd used them occasionally.

But they are... solid-state.... which means the half a century long brainwash about tube amp superiority makes sure they don't have any particular value. That's good luck for those who want one, though.

It might become sought after in the future but what happens in the future is pretty random. No-one could have guessed that those cheap Supro amps would become sought after, ...or Fender Champs, Gibson Kalamazoos or whatever tube amps that were notoriously cheap as **** practice amps in the days they appeared. The Redmere has at least been professional quality since day one. It has the rarity aspect and a famous guitarist as known user. Perfect qualifications to make it sought after in the future.

Oh, they already have a sort of collectors item status among the few people who regognise these amps.

Here's a demo of another "cheapy" product from them. The aforementioned Intermusik:

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