Sold RedPlate Amberlite (GandAmp version)


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Up for sale is a RedPlate Amberlite 22-watt amplifier. This is an amp that was exclusively designed by Henry Heistand at RedPlate for Gand Music & Sound of Northfield, IL. This particular amp is influenced by Fender's legendary Deluxe amplifier. It's all hand-wired, PTP circuitry is driven by a pair of 6V6GC power tubes, and its generous amount of power along with its compact size makes this a perfect "grab-n-go" amp for rehearsals, jam sessions, or smaller venues.

Specs are as follows:

Size: 17"W x 17"H x 8"D
Tubes: (2)6V6GC, (3)12AX7
Controls: Gain, Tone, 6-position mode selector, Presence, Volume
Standby switch: Front panel switch
On/Off: Rear panel switch
Loop: Fully buffered send/return
Wattage: 22 watts
Rear panel jack for boost/tweed footswitch (footswitch not included)
Electro-Harmonix 12VR8, 12" speaker
Weight: 32 pounds

I purchased this amp from Gand Music (now Make'n Music) several weeks ago, and it's in the very same condition as the day I bought it. Other than a rounded indentation that can be viewed at the top of the amp in the photos, the amp is in very clean and excellent condition. I've only decided to sell this amp because I acquired a RedPlate RP40 that'll suit my needs a little better. A footswitch isn't absolutely required, but I would highly recommend the purchase of a two-button switch with a stereo jack in order to operate its boost and tweed features All in all, though, if you're looking for a compact amp that has a "Deluxe" vibe with a touch of "tweed" thrown into the mix, this makes for a mighty fine little amp!


As always, please don't hesitate to ask any questions you may have, and thanks for looking!

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