Sold Redplate Blackverb Tremolo


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$1635 shipped/PP (scroll left for more pics)

The amp has one minor issue: when in triode mode, you can hear ghost notes; especially when bending notes. I exchanged many emails with Henry, and after replacing tubes, he narrowed it down to 2 470k resistors located near the power tubes. Upping them to 1k, or 1.5k should do the trick.

I never used triode mode, so it was never an issue for me; the amp sounds best running at full power. I also don't have a tech I trust at the moment, so I'm selling as is. It shouldn't cost much more than the bench fee. I can forward the email from Henry; he sent me a diagram of the mod.

The amp sounds amazing otherwise. The trem is great, the drive is great, and it's got great cleans. I have a Eminence RWB in it. A nice alternative to the V30 you typically see.

The previous owner ordered a custom footswitch that has a much better layout. The original will be included as well.

I believe the price is fair, but I will always consider any offer that comes my way. I might be interested in partial trades -- I need cash coming back, though. Especially if you have a high end looper, fuzz, cabs, etc.

Please feel free to ask me any questions you may have.
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I freaking love my Blackverb 88 with a Strymon Flint in the loop. I know this amp must be awesome

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