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I've gone back and forth on this, but I'm looking to trade this incredible Magica combo. I won't get into the usual seller hyperbole, but if you've read anything about these here, you know how amazing they are.

It started out as a head, and then I had the RedPlate guys build me a combo cab for it. The combo cab is practically brand new, has only been out of the house a few times.

Amp comes w/a Studio Slips custom oadded clamshell case. I have two footswitches for it, the original one with three switches, and then another with just two switches (omitting the "boost" switch, since I was using a dedicated boost in the effects loop).

I also have the head shell, which also comes with a custom Studio Slips clamshell case as well. You'll get them both, unless you specifically don't want it.

This Magica combo has had two mods done to it, one by the best amp tech in Boston, the other done by Keith at RedPlate.

The first mod was to move the internal pots that adjust the boost levels for each channel to the rear control plate, so they can be adjusted on the fly, instead of having to remove the chassis; my tech used the 2nd speaker out and the line out jacks for the pots, and this mod can be easily reversed if you want to do that down the road (I would include the original pots for that).

The second mod, done by Keith at RedPlate, was to install a small switch on it that switches between two caps, one being what originally was in the amp, and the other a smaller value cap that shifts the midrange character to upper mids in the gain channels. Engaging the switch changes the sound of the amp a bit, shifting to upper mids rather than lower mids, and you get controllable feedback and pinch harmonics a little easier. I would say the sound of the amp is a bit more Marshall sounding with the smaller cap engaged.

My intention is to trade the combo unloaded, but we can discuss leaving the Scumback J75 100w it's currently loaded with if absolutely necessary.

I'll be having it professionally packaged and shipped insured.

Trades: I'm specifically trying to get myself into either a Landry LS100 (or LS50) G3, a PWE EH3, a Suhr PT100, or a Bogner Ecstasy head. I need a three channel head that has excellent cleans, great mid-gain, and modern high gain.

*** I'm in the Boston area, and I'd be more than happy to do a local trade.***

I can only trade with folks in the continental US.

I have 100% positive feedback here, on Reverb, eBay, Rig Talk, Talkbass, etc.






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